It’s my birthday!

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We just got back from a birthday dinner, just me and my husband, at a great little country pub, The Three Crowns, with astonishingly amazing food.  I had Chicken Supreme (chicken stuffed with cheese and ham, baked inside a puff pastry), and he had an awesome filet, and they brought out really well seasoned and cooked vegetables for us – red cabbage, yellow cabbage, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and cabbage.  Vegetables often seem overcooked and under-seasoned here in the UK, so it was a real pleasure having them taste amazing 🙂  He had a toffee-banana pie for dessert, and I had the Amaretto Cherry Mousse. Wow. We found this restaurant a month ago when I took my friend Leah there on her birthday when she was visiting from Hawaii, then went back for my husband’s birthday, and now mine.

Anyway, today started off with going to bed – at 4am – after finishing editing my husband’s paper.  It ended up at 14,900+ words, so we are pretty happy that’s over and done with.  Now we have 6 weeks left of his course, and 6 weeks til the baby is due, and no huge paper hanging over his head, which is wonderful 🙂

I was going to run today to my midwife appointment and then walk home up our big hill afterwards, but instead I made sleep a priority and slept in til 10am.  Everything was great at the appointment, and I remembered when I saw the date that it is my birthday today!  My husband and parents and kids had already reminded me a few times, but I kept forgetting (blame it on pregnancy!) After the appointment, we gathered up the children (my parents who are here til tomorrow from Texas, Meriwether, and myself) and headed over to Butterfly World and Craft Village about five miles from my house.  We had ice cream while the children played at the playplace (I had some, too, because, hey, it’s my birthday!)




I also added some cute British-themed plates and bowls to my kitchen collection (the kitchen is all decorated with the Union Jack – but that can be saved for it’s own post one day 🙂 ) because – you know, it’s my birthday!  There is so much Union Jack stuff on sale everywhere because of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this coming weekend and the Olympics, so it’s a good year to be using it to decorate!

Afterwards, the baby napped, and the kids watched a movie while Grandpa babysat, and Grandma, Meriwether, and I popped back out to check out things at the John Lewis Home Store (which has a new Mamas and Papas next door – baby and maternity stuff.)  I picked up a few more things for my kitchen, and they found nice souvenirs, and we made it back home around five, in time to relax for an hour before leaving for dinner.  So I essentially did nothing today but sleep, eat, and shop – not bad for a birthday!! 🙂  Not much else to say today – need to get up in the morning at 4:30 to take my parents to catch their bus to Heathrow, but, not to worry, I’ll be coming back home and slipping back into bed right afterwards. And then going for a nice run I hope 🙂


One thought on “It’s my birthday!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Yay for yummy food at the Three Crowns — you’re welcome for inspiring you to find it 😉

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