Runnin’ in the Rain, just Runnin’ in the rain, what a glorious feelin’ I’m happy again…

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Writing this post with a 21-month-old snuggled under my right arm, as the kids are having a movie day in honor of the persistent gray raininess (and they are on “vacation” from school til next week – since we pretty much homeschool year round, I make up holidays around visits from others and our travels :)), so I get to be on the computer while they stare at the mesmerizing box…Every time I try to take my arm away from her shoulders to improve my typing, she whines and takes it back to put it around her.  Too cute.  My parents and our recent visitor Meriwether also got to witness this uber-cute phenomenon, and gave us some “Awww”s on cue 🙂

Today was the “do-or-die” day for meeting my goal of three runs each week til delivery of baby Armstrong #6 (who shall remain nameless, since we have yet to figure that out) that I posted for the Underarmour What’s Beautiful contest.  I haven’t been able to find any childcare help this week since my normal mother’s helper was needed during the schools’ midterm break to watch the other child she works with.  John had to be at work early each day as well, but then TODAY, he didn’t have to leave until 9:45am!! Perfect for a run.  Baby Greer woke me at 8am since we recently put her into a small bed that she can now climb out of and we are leaving her door cracked so she can come out in the mornings to let us know when she needs to go potty.  We have done “infant potty training,” also known as “elimination communication,” with all of our children with varying levels of success – and with each who made it this far (#1, #4, and #5) have hit a roadblock when they need to go while they’re in bed – where they’re perfectly happy to go poop in their diapers in their beds and don’t let us know they need to go.  If poop time has not been when they’ve been in bed, they go #1 and #2 on a potty, but if they’re in bed napping or overnight, they have consistently gone in their diapers.  So right around this age we have to start letting them out of bed on their own in order to prevent what #4 did – she took off her diaper, pooped in the corner of her crib, then proceeded to sleep curled up in the other corner.  A clear sign she needed a way out of the bed and access to a little potty 🙂  If any of you reading have done EC and can give me any pointers on getting them to go during their waking hours, I would appreciate any help 🙂  It’s so frustrating to one day, when a baby is 17 months old, not be changing any poopie diapers (this one essentialy never pooped in her nappy), and then suddenly be changing one every day or so.  You get so spoiled by not having to deal with the smell and mess, that being faced with that (especially while pregnant) is annoying.  Oh well.

Oh, my point was – I was up at 8!  SO I slowly donned my complicated running attire, and then right before 9 the two oldest came downstairs and my husband woke up.  All the stars had aligned for a run – with the exception of the downpour outside 😦  I figured, though, that were I to wait for the rain to stop, I might not get in ANYmore runs this pregnancy, forget trying for three a week!  I haven’t had to go in the rain yet, and it scares me a little because of the thought of slipping and falling.  I did accidentally run on a rainy day once, but only because it picked up and “threw it down” as the Brits say after I was a mile into a 6 mile run a few months ago.  I also don’t like the extra heat generated by a raincoat – both the body and the hood – when I’m pregnant, because we all know that getting overheated can be bad for baby.  One last bad thing is the wind and rain kept sounding like a car coming to pass me, and then I’d turn my whole body (because of the hood) to find no one coming.  Just a little silly thing, but still frustrating 🙂

I needed to run today, though, and tomorrow, to make it to three workouts (I think I mentioned before that I’m counting my 5+ mile jaunt through London as my first workout of the week.) this week, so I took off out that front door!  I am so thankful my husband’s North Face Gortex jacket can still zip over my big belly, and that it has adjusting elastic in the hood to hold it down in the whipping wind!  The run went well, and the rain even let up a bit after about a mile, so I actually caught myself smiling most of the way, happy that I had defeated my rain demon 🙂  It ended up being 3.1 miles at about 11:30 pace, since I had to be back for John to leave for work.  It was nice, too, because for some reason I didn’t feel like I needed the potty the whole run like I usually do 🙂  Here’s a picture of me right after the run, looking a bit like an unhappy drowned 35-week pregnant drowned rat 🙂


After the run I was feeling a bit faint and needed to eat but was not really able to stand up confidently, so I quickly grabbed some decaf sweet tea I had made yesterday (I have been keeping a pitcher on the counter lately with Agave-sweetened tea that I drink all day to help my blood sugar stay more constant so I don’t feel sick) and a bag of nuts and dried fruit and plopped myself on the couch.  And here I remain! 🙂 I’ve been up a few times, and still, I knew I needed more calories and some protein and good carbs, but I really couldn’t bring myself to make anything for some reason (usually I would whip up some eggs or something, but I think I got up too early since I’m a night owl and went to bed at 1am), so instead I whipped up something fast and full of calories, fat, and protein – lots for me, and a little for each kid 🙂  I used this recipe from the blog of Chocolate-Covered Katie  which was, as it sounds, a Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Milkshake.  She often has you use overripe frozen bananas in her shakes, so anytime ours get too ripe, I just throw them in a ziploc, peeled (because getting the peel off a frozen banana is nearly impossible), to have around for her recipes.  I used a can of coconut milk in it, and some almond milk for the rest of it (I was making about 2+ times the recipe to be able to give the kids some) – and instead of roasted unsalted peanuts used almonds, since that’s all I had.  It didn’t take long to whip up and delivered a lot of calories to this needy mother great with child 🙂


Leaving you with this cute image of Gabriel and Greer on our vacation in April – and in these coats with the hoods up is how we spent most of it!  With the exception of the last ten days in May, it literally has been raining here since April 1.  I kid you not.  Every single day, without fail.

I have noticed from reading other people’s blogs, that I like the questions they ask at the end.  So I’ve decided to be unoriginal and to do the same thing 🙂  Mostly because now that I’ve written this, I’m curious about a few things:

Have any of you used “infant potty training” with your children, and if not but you plan to, would you like to hear more about it in a post – or do you have more to share with me about it?

Do you run in the rain or just wait for it to stop, or wait for another day?

Do you use things like peanut butter and coconut milk to increase your caloric intake, or do you have other good ways of doing that?

What’s your favorite song about rain? (Mine is “Like the Rain” by Clint Black, even though I’m not a huge fan of country, because my husband liked it a lot and told me it reminded him of me when we were newly engaged :))

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