Royally Wiped Out

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Today’s post will be a bit…truncated…due to my almost complete inability to be upright for much longer.  I will spoil the surprise (but not give details til next Tuesday’s trip report!) to say that I spent the entire day….on my feet….watching horses run around a track.  I got back at 9pm tonight, almost 37 weeks pregnant, and not having sat with my feet up once today or rested lying down as I usually do, and, on the contrary, having walked or stood most of the day.  It was about like our trip touring London exactly two weeks ago, but just being two weeks closer to my due date made it a lot harder.  It was the Royal Ascot Horse Race, and I saw the Queen, and Princess Ann, and apparently Prince Edward (whoever he is?) walked right past me with my camera pointing at him – but I didn’t think to take a shot til he was walking away.  Can’t be that important if I’ve never heard of him hahahaha 🙂  Princess Ann walked right past as well, but I had seen her once before and quickly spun on my heel to get in front of her again to try for a successful shot.  I got great close-ups of the Queen arriving and departing, and a MILLION OF THE AWESOME HATS.  All of this wondrous photography (I jest) is on my camera card in the camera next to me, but the card reader is downstairs, and I’m about to lie down to go to sleep for real at 10:45pm. Very early for me.  So all of this excitement will have to wait for next Tuesday (well maybe I’ll put in one or two tomorrow….), and the soup recipe I promised (also on the camera card) will have to wait for tomorrow.  Hope you had a nice day — it was gorgeous here in England for a change!! 🙂


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