Continued – Tuesday’s Trip Report – the rest of the pictures! :)


Here’s another gallery (who knew you could make a gallery?? This blogging thing is pretty neat!) of the rest of the pictures from the Royal Ascot that I thought were decent.  I took about…400 that day, so limiting it to just a few is tough!

2 thoughts on “Continued – Tuesday’s Trip Report – the rest of the pictures! :)

  1. Oh my goodness Corey, that place looks like you walked onto the set of a Colin Firth movie. Those outfits, the scenery, wow! And can you please explain to me why the British flag looks so trendy and awesome when it’s used as a pattern for basically anything, and the American flag just looks tacky and cheap? Not trying to be offensive/un-patriotic, but I just associate American flag patterned things with Walmart lawn chairs and beer cozies. Anyway, love the pictures and I’m glad you’ve always been a great picture taker and documentarist of your travels 🙂

    • I have no idea why the Union Jack seems to make for such more interesting/palatable decor, but, it is a totally true statement! They have lawn chairs and picnic blankets here as well, but it just seems to work on everything!! 🙂

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