Tuesday Trip Report – Royal Ascot Races 2012!!


Hello everyone! I am mostly going to post pictures today with very little explanation.  Whenever there is something needing a caption I will let you know, otherwise, I hope you enjoy all the fun scenes I saw! 🙂  Today started a little too early with the baby up out of bed at 7:30am (I know, I know, this isn’t early for most of you, and I shouldn’t complain) – but she had gone to bed early and napped off and on in our arms throughout the evening because she was traumatized by soap in her eyes during the bath.  She and Claire were in a shallow bath together (Claire is four) and Claire “washed” Greer’s hair, using about half a bottle of my Body Shop mango body wash – she said it was Greer’s idea, though.  Obviously some got in her eyes, and an uncomfortable evening ensued.  When John got home a few hours later he was able to really help us flush our eyes – doing something it seems it takes a man to do – prying her eyes open and holding them open while I poured a cupful of water into each eye, repeatedly.  It was rough work.  Then she snuggled a bit longer on the couch and went to bed shortly afterwards.  Poor, sad little baby 😦  She’s not really a baby anymore – she’ll be two at the end of August – but until new baby arrives, she will be the baby, and it’s so sad to see her in pain.  She woke up happy with no swelling, so today she has been back to normal.  She even went poopie on the pottie twice today before naptime, so that really made my day even though I was tired.  I had to run in at 10am to have my blood drawn (again!) because even though my iron levels were fine last time, apparently my platelets are low.  Not sure what this means in pregnancy (have to look that up) but they have been low once before – in the 100s – then tested up at 255 the next time – and now are back down to 109.

Before anyone else woke up this morning, baby Greer and I shared an entire package of mussels (I think she’ll be the only one her age around who can say “mussels!” and point at the shelled creatures), and then once everyone was up we all had warm scones, clotted cream, and jam, which we had picked up at the store the other day so Meriwether could have one more scone fix before she leaves 🙂  The only other thing that happened today is that the children and I worked together on bagging up all of their toys – and sorting through the piles and baskets of random toys that had been piling up – with the exception of some Polly Pockets, the magnatiles, the legos, and the Treo blocks.  Sounds like we left a lot out, but really, we have tons put away now.  Meriwether took it all to the garage so none of them would be ransacked, and now we will hopefully stay a bit more organized until the movers come in a few weeks.  By this time, I was ready for a nap, and Greer and I took a nice long 2 hour nap.  Just now I sorted through all the baby clothes, and we have a load washing, for the new baby.  They smell funny from the storage box they’ve been in for 7+ years (it’s been that long since we’ve had a boy!)  Also had to wash all the new things.  Meanwhile Meriwether made us homemade cookies from here that are awesome!  (It’s a blog called eat,laugh,run) Just what I have been craving 🙂

We are having fried rice for dinner – a recipe I will post later this week – which is always nice since it’s leftover rice, and other randomness thrown in, so it’s a quick thing, but hot and satisfying.  It also means I get to relax a little longer before I have to start dinner!  So, on with the pictures!

We met up at John’s school at 9am – all the wives of international students at the Defence Academy where John is in a year long course.  We had to follow the dress code for the “Grandstand” area – meaning hats or fascinators worn at all times, no strapless, etc.  Apparently the “Royal Enclosure” dress code was even stricter – top hats, waistcoats, and tails for the men, certain dimensions on your hat (no fascinators), your straps on your dresses, and your hemlines.  We got to wander for about an hour and a half before the Queen showed up and the first race started.  I think there were six races altogether, spread out by about 45 minutes, and each race took about 1 1/2 minutes.  Most of the day I wandered with two Canadian ladies, stopping for lunch (with a Pimm’s) and tea later, and then I left them and ended up having strawberries and cream and getting to see the Royal party exit in their motorcars.  Then we meandered back to our bus where we had sandwiches and such waiting, and finally we arrived back at the school at 8:30pm.  Long day!!


Beginning of the day at the races before the Queen arrived.  37 week tummy shot!

Here’s a gallery of 35 pictures – you can click on the first picture and use the scroll arrows to see all the rest one at a time if you would like to see any larger, or see my comment on the photo.  I’m going to post the last few pictures in a separate post since this is already 36 pictures!


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