Sunday Serenity – simple

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No book review today – mostly just sitting around and lying around 🙂 At one point I almost broke out my book, Give Them Grace, but the person I had looking for it couldn’t find it, so I just closed my eyes instead 🙂  We went out to the Purple Ball – which I will post about tomorrow – last night, getting home just after midnight.  Then I ground the wheat berries to make flour for the waffles for today, getting the flour soaking in buttermilk, and finally got in bed around 1am.  Today after church we had four people over for lunch (hence the waffles), and, thankfully, they brought along freshly picked strawberries!! The waffles were amazingly delicious, both the ones with butter and syrup, and those with strawberries and whipped cream. So, so good!!  We just had that with bacon, and some decaf coffee, and it was a successful meal for everyone 🙂  We spent most of the afternoon just sitting around chatting for a while after that, and they all left at 5:20pm for the evening service, at which point I finally succumbed to tiredness and slept for about an hour on the couch.  Now John is fixing us all some leftover veggies for dipping and pizza from the other day, and we will continue our relaxing evening until bedtime 🙂 See you tomorrow!!

Trying to upload a random picture, and my internet is giving me trouble again – or it’s the macbook.  Either way, I give up!! Pictures tomorrow!


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