Maybe my last run for a while…?

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Still not in labor (not due for 8 more days) but my run this morning was only 2 miles, and most of it I felt pretty uncomfortable, with just a few minutes strung together at a time of normalcy.  I read blogs of several pregnant runners, and they are just reaching the third trimester or are late in the second – and it is just amazing how different it was running back at 30 weeks! I mean, I’m not surprised that it’s this difficult to run at 39, just that running back then at 30 weeks and such was still so comfortable!

Today’s run was a 12:01 pace, and only two miles because after about a half mile I made the command decision to turn around when I reached a mile.  If I’m not in labor Saturday, rather than a run we may do a family hike – as strenuous as possible to still help labor come sooner – because something is better than nothing, and I may just not be able to run anymore with the baby having dropped like this.

Here’s a picture after today’s run:


Of course, some of the way I felt may have been due to my shortened sleep due to Greer getting me up again shortly after 7.  I have to say – not liking the earlier wake up, but VERY happy with her pottie training now that she can get out of bed by herself from nighttime and naptime.  We have had one soiled diaper since we started it (about a month ago) and she is now hopping on the little potties around the house on her own all day long.  We seem to have made it through the tough phase I mentioned a while back of doing her BM’s in her diaper during sleeptimes – and it was all because we were leaving her in bed too long apparently.  I knew this, but was feeling too tired to do anything about it – often resting myself during her naps and wanting to sleep in in the morning from all my nighttime pottie trips.  So thankful that all those months of pottie training up til now (22 of them!) haven’t been wasted by having her start going in in her diaper at this stage!! If you are at all interested in infant pottie training (also known as Elimination Communication – EC – please send me any questions because, although not an expert, we have successfully done it with 3/5 of the children 🙂  The two for which we passed it up we still did it for 9 months and 6 months (numbers 2 and 3) because, as anyone will tell you, 2 and 3 kids are 1)more difficult than just having one and 2)more difficult that continuing to have more.  It’s really the second and third that push the envelope, and although continuing to have children is not “easy,” it definitely gets easier since by that time the first one is a bit older.

After John was home early from work at 11, he went out for ice cream for me to make us all milkshakes — the FIRST pregnancy craving I’ve had when I’ve actually asked him to go get me anything. We all played outside on the kids’ scooters while drinking/eating said milkshakes, and now it’s quiet time in the house.  Ahhh….yummy day with milkshakes and rest time!!

I am stealing this idea from another blog I read today – coming up with a habit I want to start, beginning with August, and going for the next year.  Sort of like listing goals, but more operating on the principle that it takes 30 days to establish a new habit.  I am too tired right now (and need to get off the computer to take advantage of a sleeping baby for the next hour) to come up with goals for all 12 months, but I am going to start right now by posting the next quarter’s habits 🙂  I can come up with three really quickly, right??!!

August:  Put on clothes and makeup every day before breakfast (unless I’m running and then I need to do it by lunch time.)

September:  Declutter as I am unpacking in the new house, wherever we end up moving to — make it a habit to keep a box/bag in a few different strategic locations in the house to put things to give away that will be used during unpacking and will continue to be used throughout the year.

October:  Spend time in God’s Word daily, at some point before getting dressed.  Must establish my first habit of consistently getting dressed by a certain time, and then I can piggy-back this one off of it 🙂

Okay, going to lie down now and rest.  Not the best for inducing labor, but I’m tired, and I have the excuse of being 39 weeks pregnant to do whatever I want hahaha 🙂


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