A Sad Day for MacBook Air…

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Hello!  Tried to post earlier, but my computer wouldn’t startup 😦  On the home computer now while John troubleshoots my Mac using his PC (both our laptops.)  May have to make a trip to the nearest Apple store tomorrow if we can’t figure it out as a last ditch effort 😦  The saddest part is that there are a few sets of pictures not backed up from the last few weeks (no big deal), and the 130 pages I’ve done of the first 6 monthsof living in England in the Blurb photobook program. Still have the photos backed up, but if we can’t restore the computer, I may have lost all that work of putting them into the book 😦

Today we drove the hour and fifteen minutes to RAF Croughton, an American base with a commissary and our post office where we got our packages, our bottled Culligan water, our cheap diesel fuel, and our cheap American groceries 🙂 Nice!  Drove back, stopping at a rest stop with a KFC for lunch on the way, and then rested when we finished unloading and putting groceries away.  Not too much excitement, but we left the house at 10am (the whole fmaily) and sat down finally at 5pm!  Then I was off to a Thia foot massage at 6:30pm, as a way to help induce labor.  We just finished our leftover chicken for dinner, along with leftover cut-up veggies from the other night and some fresh seafood pasta from the restaurant next to the massage place. Yum!!

So, as you can see, it was not a noteworthy day anyway, especially since it was pouring rain all day so there was no summer frolicking to be had, and this blog post doesn’t really have much to say for itself.  I was going to post my “tummy montage,” but I will wait to see if the husband can fix the computer, because I need to get back into the room with the rest of the family and away from the home computer.  Have a great weekend!!



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