Bia – GPS Watch for Women!!


Check this out guys and go support it if you think it’s a product you would love.  They need to fulfill their funding goal in order to go into production, and they only have a few days left!! Here’s a link to an interview with the creators, and then you can just go google “Bia GPS” to get to their kickstarter fundraising site  – but you have to go now! Yesterday! They are running out of time ….


2 thoughts on “Bia – GPS Watch for Women!!

  1. Oh my gosh, Corey!! It is really a small world. I didn’t even know they were traveling. They are REALLY amazing people, we were very sad when they left us–although our current pastor (and family) is totally amazing too. The Barker kids and Leah and Caleb pretty much grew up together.

    BTW–did you get those photos I emailed you several weeks ago?

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