Monday — Banana Cream Pie again!


I wrote this LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG post yesterday about Banana Cream Pie and the sermon, and it disappeared when I clicked “publish.”  None of the autosave versions were left either.  Just gone 😦  So I will attempt to recreate it, since I’ve been cleanign for a few hours now and am taking a couch break 🙂  Small disclaimer for typos: I am using my husband’s tiny British laptop that he bought to take notes at school here, and a lot of the function and symbol keys are in the wrong places.  Did you know keyboards were different in other countries?? I didn’t!  Yesterday was a BANNER day for eating — so much so that the banana cream pie was our dinner.  Yum!

I started the day with a bit of leftover sandwich and bacon from the night before, and a bowl of Golden Grahams, bought only for me because of a craving.  I never eat cereal, but I saw them at the commissary the other day and had to have them.  Lots of the other food items in this post – ok, all of them – came from the commissary – in other words – American eats!! 🙂  We travel about an hour and fifteen minutes to shop there – and that’s without traffic.  Totally worth it.  After church during the tea time I had brought American snacks to supplement the “biscuits” (think: hard cookies [although it could be any cookie] that get pulled out week after week. Not yummy.)  I feasted on some peanuts and almonds and a bit of Bold Chex Mix.  When we got home I “made” Ramen for everyone for lunch but I didn’t have any because I was full from the snacks (the only junk food I successfully avoided.)  After lunch,Gabriel helped me make the Banana Cream pies…more on those in a second 🙂  Then I relaxed on the couch with Ruffles and French Onion Dip from the commissary, and a piece of leftover fried chicken from KFC.  This was when my husband pulled out the Cool Ranch Doritos for him and the kids.  We were really on a roll!  Then we ate the pie around 7:30pm, and finally my husband made some “dinner” aroud 9pm.  It was just one of those fun days!  He made “chili spaghetti” as we call it – spaghetti noodles with Hormel chili poured over the top and then grated cheddar cheese (all things we can only get at the commissary – ok, maybe not the noodles.)  I didn’t have any of that, though, because I was too full from the pie.

The sermon yesteday was about rejoicing – from Romans 5:1-11 – which I talked about a little in the post rather than my ongoing book review.  I also didn’t read any more of the book I was reviewing this week (Give ThemGrace) because I picked up another at the mall the other day and couldn’t put it down.  A little about it here — it’s called Call the Midwife and is a autoiographical sketch by someone who was a midwife in the 1950s in the tenements of the East End of London.  I could hardly put it down – it was enjoyable on so many levels and really held my interest!  There was recently (in the fall) a BBC (I think – or it could have been iTV) period drama based on the book, so I went into it thinking it was fiction.  I usually love historical fiction and thought it would be good, but it was just riveting.  You may not have heard of it if you’re in the US, but please, if you’re looking for a great book, check into it – you won’t be disappointed.  That is, of course, unless you’re totally into teen vampire romance things and other stuff I don’t like – maybe it would just bore you.  There are three more in the series, so I plan on picking those up soon as well.

Since I took the time to photograph the pie-making process, I’m going to post it again and hope that it makes it through this time to you 🙂  I adapted it from a recipe on All Recipes, so I think rather than type it out at the end I’ll just link to it and note my changes along the way.

It started out with a multipart tragedy – in which two children tripped over the vacuum cleaner, falling and hurting themselves on various parts of it, right after one of them had her finger shut in the door by Gabriel (she was running to show it to Papa) and while I was trying to salvage (unsuccessfully) one of the pie crusts I had just accidentally dropped in the trash.  They were pre-made Nilla Wafer crusts from the commissary, and the package said a crisper crust could be obtained by brusing it with beaten egg whites and baking it for five minutes.  I thought this would be better than a remotely soggy crust so planned on doing it.  There were some cookie crumbs in the bottom of the pie shell, though, so I tried to dumb those out first, and the whole crust fell in the trash.  Nice.

So we quickly whipped up a graham cracker crust (thankfully I had some of these – can’t be bought at the stores here, and the commissary graham cracker shelf was completely wiped out.)  This crust needed to be baked as well, for 7 minutes.  Here they are –

The recipe called for four bananas to be cut up and piled into the bottom of the crust, but only three would really fit in my smaller pie crusts.

In the meantime, you measure the flour, sugar, and salt into the saucepan.  Gradually add the milk, and then heat until it’s boiling, while stirring constantly.

Gabriel did the hard work of stirring the whole time while I buzzed around him with bananas and such.  Boil it for two minutes.

At the commissary I didn’t have a recipe in mind yet (it was an impulse buy when I saw th Nilla Wafer crusts, so I guessed about what I needed), so I didn’t know if it would need milk or cream.  So I compromised and went with Half and Half.

In the meantime, beat your egg yolks.

The recipe said to add some of the boiled mixture to the egg yolks, give it a stir, and then immediately put the egg yolks, etc, into the saucepan with the other things.  Continue heating/stirring for two minutes. Then, remove it from the heat and add

the butter and vanilla.  \this is when it really got thick and was tough to stir.

Stir it until very smooth and then pour over the bananas and bake for 12-15 minutes.

Here they are out of the oven…

And ready to eat – with some cool whip… from the commissary of course! 🙂

Here’s the recipe:

So you can tell, I was totally milking the “I’m 39 1/2 weeks pregnant” excuse yesterday for eating whatever the heck I wanted — the baby has dropped, making it possible to eat without feeling sick, although I still have to be a little careful about eating cheese or ice cream too late at night or I feel sick, or chocolate because it keeps me awake.  This just means the chocolate milkshakes have to be midday instead of dessert after dinner hahaha 🙂  I am using the same excuse not to run (combined with the rain outside of and on) and instead plan on taking the kids on a nice hike when I get back from the chiropractor.  I seriously have not used the “pregnancy” excuse to justify poor eating or slacking on my fitness for the entire pregnancy – seriously – because any time I eat the wrong things I have felt unwell (jittery, lethargic, sick, hyper, you name it) and whenever I have worked out it has made any negative pregnancy-related symptoms go away for a time, so there has been a great impetus for me to keep at it.  Now, though, I only have a few days left to use the excuse, so I’m going to milk it.  I even had John buy me bagged iced yesterday so I could indulge my ice craving as much as possible in the coming days.  Unfortunately, I’m thinking the hospitals here don’t serve ice chips to women in labor, since the restaurants can’t even be relied upon to have ice.  Oh well 🙂  I have a helper over today – the lady who is on call for coming to stay with us for 48 hours when the baby comes – doing the hand dish-washing and helping keep laundry going and just basic cleaning I’ve gotten behind on.  I can leave her here while baby naps so we can hike more easily – if the rain holds off.  Or maybe we’ll even hike in the rain, just for fun 🙂 Everything’s an adventure to little kids!  Have a great week!

Do you use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever youw ant and not work out?

Do you like Banana Cream Pie? (did I mention this one tasted amazing???)

Have you heard of Call the Midwife?  What type of books do you like to read?  Or what was te last book you read?


8 thoughts on “Monday — Banana Cream Pie again!

  1. Um, no answer to your first question. I suppose I could let you know when the time comes, at some point in the unknown future?

    I don’t care for bananas (to put it mildly), so although your pies look nice and I’m sure they tasted great, I’m pretty much disgusted by the thought of eating one 🙂

    Definitely will check out that book. When you mentioned it yesterday, I assumed it was about actual pregnancy and delivery. It sounds good, though, but I have to get through the Hood series first. Last night Emily mentioned she’s reading one called Death Comes to Pemberly. Have you heard of/read it? She’s really enjoying it. It’s a continuation of Pride and Prejudice (by a different British author). I want to read that too!

    Glad you took the time to re-write this post. It was fun to read.

    • Sorry you don’t like bananas – when it’s a really good banana, it’s really good, and banana cream pie is amazing 🙂 Funny – at the mall the book (Midwife) was buy one get one half off — so \i was going to get the first two of the midwife thing, but they only had 1, 3, and 4. Wasn’t sure if I’d like it so I didn’t get any – heading to the checkout saw Death at Pemberley – also buy one get one half off — so I quickly ran back to pick up the midwife book and got them both 🙂 Just about to start reading Death at Pemberley 🙂 Can you believe all the crap I ate yesterday?? Today was a bit better – protein shake for breakfast just because I didn’t feel like eating anything and was busy working around the house. Lunch was a burger John brought me from the local fish ‘n chips place, and dinner was super yummy Indian food near John’s school because we all had to go to his “International Student Recognition Ceremony” 6:00-8:00pm. Home now, absolutely feeling stuffed. Didn’t eat much really but all day I’ve felt like I could hardly eat anything. Impending labor maybe??

  2. Oh Corey, those pies look delicious! I’ve never had Banana Cream Pie but I’ll be making it sometime soon.
    Speaking of pregnancy cravings/eating, I have used it to eat whatever I wanted sometimes but I always tried to make up for it by either exercising or eating better. It’s almost survival mode so I say…go for it.
    Can’t wait to hear when the baby is born.

    • I would say “I eat whatever I want,” but for the most part the things I end up wanting I really can’t get — I don’t leave the house much on my own, so being out with all the kids isn’t convenient since there are so few drive-thrus over here in England — then if I don’t have a reason to leave the hosue – other errands or something – it’s just not worth the trouble. Also I always want things people post about on fb, and there again, can’t get my hands on it over here (and even in Hawaii I would have had trouble fulfilling most of my cravings.) It’s as simple as wanting Phish Food Ice Cream, sending the mother’s helper down to the store for it, and them only having three varieties of Ben & Jerry’s and that not being one of them. Most of my cravings have had to be fulfilled through my own efforts in the kitchen, which as we know when pregnant are harder because you just don’t feel like cooking. I don’t even grocery shop anymore because I order online (yippee!) and only go to the American commissary about once a month – so I miss out on a lot of impulse-buys-related-to-cravings because I have to choose everything on the website, and that’s a lot different than roaming the aisles 🙂 This leads to having a lot less junk in the house!! No labor yet…any day now!! 🙂

  3. This pregnancy has been all about sugar. Most of the time it has been the most reliable way to get over the morning sickness hump for me. I’ve had hyperemesis gravidarum, which is extreme MS affecting about 5-10% of all pregnancies. Fortunately I stayed out of the ER, with the help of Zofran and Phenergan … and sugar.

    They say when you crave sugar you really are needing protein, but I just haven’t been able to stomach it — at least not until I have something sweet first.

    I did get a break from the morning sickness about halfway through the 2nd trimester and was able to eat more things. But with me feeling this way, I have pretty much just gone with my urges on food, for better and worse.

    As a result, weight gain has been … interesting, if erratic: nothing in the first trimester, up 10 lbs month 4, up 5 months 5 and 6, and then up about 10 again month 7.

    I gained 55 lbs with Little Tiger, probably 15 lbs of which was water, so really, my bigger goal is just to try and not have as much edema this time around. In that dept I seem to be doing better! Salt has been key: keeping intake nice and level, no spikes in intake, like movie popcorn or chinese food with MSG. I pay the next day for meals/snacks that have too much sodium.

    WRT working out, well, it’s hot here, and that makes me swell and makes my hands go numb. boo. But we do try and get in a pool at least once a week, if just for Little Tiger’s swimming lessons. NOT a workout, but it FEELS REALLY GOOD (ah, buoyancy). And the preparation and cleanup involved with 2 adults and a toddler going swimming can be a workout. 🙂 Chasing the boy, spending more time sitting on the floor than on a chair (when sitting), and taking walks when it is cool enough offers some activity. Oh, and gymnastics. holy moly, gymnastics. There’s the chasing and the lifting and the spotting. I am tuckered on gymnastics days. He’s 30 lbs now, so that’s 60 when I’m carrying him and his brother.

    Your book sounds interesting. Right now I’m reading Ina May Gaskin’s Birth Matters. It’s a new one by her. She always inspires me. One of my mother’s helpers spent some time on The Farm, and her brother was delivered there. Her mom attended some births with Ina May. Evidently there’s a whole sub-community of folks who spent time on The Farm here in Austin. Kinda cool and not too surprising.

    • Sorry to hear your pregnancy has been so rough 😦 Maybe if there’s a next time you could get the sugar along with the protein by having really yummy protein shakes? I have heard of that thing you had before but have only known one other person so terribly affected for it — and she found out after her second or third pregnancy that she actually had TYPE I DIABETES. Most people discover it in their teenage years, but there are these special cases of women who discover it through certain pregnancy issues. You might want to google it? “Call the Midwife” isn’t a book about birth things like what you’re reading, but instead reads like fiction – many vignettes about her time as a midwife where different birthing things come up in each story. I will have to check out Birth Matters — should be lots of reading going on soon when I am hopefully doing lots of nursing!!

      • Well, up until about Week 20/21 or so was rough. Then I no longer needed the Zofran — and I was able to EAT! yay! I have still been getting sick pretty much throughout, maybe 1-3 times per week. But recovery is quick.
        During the worst of it, I would have Ensure shakes: 1 bottle of vanilla Ensure with extra protein, ice cream and a banana, blended. 700 calories! That worked pretty well, although they were not as appealing this pregnancy as they were last pregnancy.
        This time, smoothies have been a favorite. Fruit in general has been something I want a lot. I crave grapefruit these days and will eat two halves in a sitting easily.
        I also do a lot of yogurt. Not much meat. I do get in the protein, but I just haven’t had a hankering for meat a lot of the time. Tofu, cheese, yogurt (lots of yogurt), etc. entices me more.

  4. Yay I’m glad you’re relaxing and having some indulgence days of yummy food and taking it easy 🙂 And as to your I do not dislike banana cream pie, but I do not prefer it much either, and no I do not use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I want/not work out, I just use general laziness when those are an issue 😉 Also to your other question, I am halfway through the novel A Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole, and it is very good thus far. It was published posthumously when the author’s mother went to a publisher trying to get the manuscript published after his suicide, which is really sad because he was an incredible writer and didn’t have much other than this novel written. The main character is absolutely nuts, but highly intelligent, and it reminds me of my father a lot, which is inadvertently helping me with being around him more hahah. I can’t remember if I’ve told you or not in past e-mails, but I started doing housework and errands for him as a home health aide person; he can have someone do that for like eight to twelve hours a week, and will be getting more hours soon, so I can make some money doing that. He will be moving into an apartment complex soon so I’ll be having to help with the packing and moving, etc. Anyway, the book is great, and a couple weeks ago I picked up Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain which is all about how our minds function and I started it a bit before switching to Toole’s novel but that one is also good. STILL HAVEN’T SEEN MADEA, need to get on that. OH and the union jack plates and bowls in that other post, is there somewhere I can order them? They’re amazing!!!!

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