The Return of the MacBook Air…


John is on his way home now with my computer – having taken the four older children with him an hour and a bit away to the mall with the Apple Store while Greer and I napped. Still no signs that I’m in labor, except that all dsay I have felt sort of “off” and that walking around is feeling uncomfortable now, as opposed to when it was running that made me feel this way.  What a difference a week makes!  When he called he said they had replaced my whole hard drive — not what they said they were going to do when we took it in on Saturday.  So now we’ll have a “blank” computer returning to the house, and John will be attempting to find a way to restore what was on my old drive.  We’ll see how that goes!  Either way, it will be nice to have it back, but we still haven’t resolved whether or not I’ll have all the stuff back that was on it as well.

Today my helper came over (the one lined up to be here when I go into labor to help with the children and such) since we obviously have a bit longer until baby decides to show up so that we could accomplish some last minute things around the house — organizing baby things more, washing bedding, finishing up laundry, cleaning my room and bathroom (this was a big one), setting up baby change places in the house.  It was great to have all the extra help upstairs while John (who was around most of the day because there is not much going on at shcool this week) helped kids with school and kept everyone in line downstairs.

Last night we all went out to his International Student “Graduation” ceremony (the official ceremony for the course is Thursday night with music and fireworks, but we probably won’t be at that) anf then for Indian food afterwards — ha some spicy stuff hoping to help labor start, but to no avail.  It was super yummy, though!!  I don’t have much to talk about today – it’s been rainy and gloomy the whole day with the exception of about 3:30-4:30pm when the sun came out fopr a bit; good ole’ British summertime!  Apparently they tell me last summer was dry. Suuuure it was!  Thanks to some people who answered my questions on the blog yesterday in the comments 🙂 Getting comments makes blogging much more fun because it makes me feel like I’m talking to someone when I’m writing 🙂  So I will endeavor to add questions to the end – like I said I would a while back and in which I have been failing miserably – to see if it keeps you all commenting 🙂  Hope you’re having a nice sunny summer day!

Has it been a good summer with the weather where you live?

Have you ever had a major computer “crash” in which you’ve “lost everything?”

What do you think we’re going to name baby boy?

4 thoughts on “The Return of the MacBook Air…

  1. What I would consider “summer” in Hawaii (Aug-Oct) has yet to come, but real summer has been great so far. Lots of sunshine and strong trade winds. However, something is blooming for the past few weeks that makes my allergies NUTS, so I’ve been a little bit miserable with that lately. Managing to get up early enough to run two mornings a week without giving myself heatstroke, so that’s been good 🙂

    Never had a major computer crash, but it’s acting funky today. Maybe in solidarity with yours!

    Not even going to venture a guess for the baby name 🙂 Do you have some names in mind, or are you totally waiting until he’s born?

    • Wrote a long reply and this silly computer just lost it. It’s the same one that lost my entire blog post on Sunday – John’s tiny school computer. Really ready to get back onto my MacBook (John’s over there working on it diligently as I type.) I think I said sorry about the heat and some more on that and then did you think about my idea to run up on the north shore? or maybe that was in a comment I posted on your blog the other day and then had this dumb computer lose as well. That happened again recently in the last few days. Thought it might be cooler up there and you could map it out ahead of time…might be a bit cooler up there? Think we decided on a name this afternoon 🙂 Will reveal it soon!! Do the Kims have a boy and a girl name picked out?

  2. I am not really sure when ‘summer’ is here, but the weather has seemed great in the 17 and a half years I have lived here.

    We have had many major computer glitches, but never a complete ‘crash’.

    I am assuming you will pick a Biblical name to go along with his brother’s, and since I am sure, he too will be a little angel, and since I am biased, I will guess Michael. 🙂

    I am praying they will assign John to a place where you will all enjoy. I have no doubt your family will reveal Matthew 5: 16’s truth to those in need there.

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