The waiting game


I know some people go into labor suddenly and deliver quickly, but I think more people feel like they end up waiting…and waiting…and waiting.  After the previous 40 weeks of waiting, you think I’d be good at it, but I’m so impatient!!  This morning started out earlier than I would have liked getting up with Greer after being in bed just 6 hours, so I ended up snoozing on the couch for a bit once the other children were up to entertain her.  Before that I think I ate a nectarine and a small dish of custard which had been left over from making the banana cream pie.  Stellar breakfast.  Just woke up from the nap and sent a child to find the contraband bag of Cheetos from the US Commissary so I wouldn’t have to leave the couch (hey, I’m 40 weeks pregnant and tired!! So what if I ran 3 miles yesterday, today I am being a slug! Probably not the best way to help labor start…) as well as a Ginger Ale from the fridge.  So I have started off the day with some carbs, sugar, and fat.  Nice.  If I ever make it off the couch (I am sure my bladder will prompt that move quite soon) I promise to steam up some mussels to get some protein for the day 🙂  I NEVER eat like this – normally we wouldn’t even have Cheetos or soda in the house – but I am milking the “due with a baby right now” excuse for the day or two that I have it left to me 🙂

John is on his way home from his last day at school as I type, and then we are supposed to go for a family hike which I can post about in a little while if it materializes…

We received our new orders yesterday (finally!!!) and now know that we will be heading to South Carolina!  We were told this about about a month ago but have been waiting on the official news.  We are pretty excited to get back to the better weather 🙂  I mean, I guess the weather’s better there if you like sun and beach and warmth and stuff like that 🙂

Well, the walk didn’t happen right away…then it was time for Greer’s nap…and now (shockingly) it’s pouring rain and has been for the last two hours.  Oh well!!  Instead I will show you a picture of the lovely flowers the other students at John’s school sent home with him for our impending “new arrival.”

The other night at the International Students’ “Graduation” ceremony, someone snapped this picture of me and Greer while Greer was munching on some nuts I think:

At least I think that’s why it looks like she’s lost half her teeth 🙂

Now we are just waiting on a piece of computer equipment to arrive from the states (a CAC card reader) so that we are able to log on to the moving website and start to get the ball rolling on moving back to the states (passport for new baby, plane tickets, our packout, selling the van, shipping out our other car.)  Everything going on at once of course, and our renters at the home we own near the shipyard in Kittery, Maine, are leaving at the beginning of next month…as the weather here proves – when it rains, it pours!!

What’s your favorite junk food snack?

Do you ever go for walks in the rain on purpose?

Would you prefer one of those labors that are always shown on tv where it is hectic and fast from start to finish, or one with some warning to get to pack your bag slowly and make it to the hospital on time? (and no….I still haven’t packed my bag!)


10 thoughts on “The waiting game

  1. I love, love Klondike bars and Fox’s potato chips (a Maine specialty!). My labor with my daughter was 8 hrs stry to finish and I got to the birth center at 8cm and gave birth an hour later. It progressed pretty rapidly for a first birth, this time around should be faster. But the environment of the birthing center is so soothing and calming that it didn’t feel fast and furious, it felt totally natural:) hopefully things will start moving along for you:)

    • Oooh, Klondike bars!! Probably another thing I can’t buy over here in England 🙂 I hope this time around is faster for you as well 🙂 No soothing birth center around here with the National Health Service – but on a brighter note, they do have birthing tubs in the regular birthing wing of the hospital, and anyone can use them – no classes required! So I’m hoping for that since I’ve done some laboring in a birthing pool before and was able to manage the contractions in it very well – but then of course they made me get out because they didn’t want me delivering in it (hadn’t been to the water birth classes) and I went through several more hours of pain after that. Still no labor, late Thursday night, due tomorrow – Friday. Hope it’s soon!! 🙂

  2. *insert obvious and cliche joke about Greer’s teeth looking bad because of her time spent in England*

    I hope your labor comes soon but I’m glad you’re milking up the sluggishness before the world of chaos you’ll have with a new baby and getting everything done to return back to these here parts 😉 That’s exciting it’s official for South Carolina! And are the people in Maine leaving for good? How much is rent there..?..hehe just kidding, though I STILL have yet to see Maine! And as to your questions, favorite junk food is ice cream, I do not go for walks in the rain on purpose, and I would prefer my labor to be as dramatic as primetime t.v., preferably with Patrick Dempsey delivering my baby, and Iwan Rheon (Simon from Misfits) fathering it 😉 hahah I had to bring in a U.K. reference while you’re still there 🙂 Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of your night/day and get some rest and have some healthy labor soon 🙂

    • Hahaha nice one 🙂 It really looks like that, though, doesn’t it?? Yeah I don’t think you want to pay $1700 a month to live in Maine 🙂 No labor still! (10:42pm Thursday night.) Due tomorrow officially. I am sure you remember the last time like it was yesterday!! You did a great job living with me through all that 🙂 Miss you!!

  3. Hehe yes I do remember it!! I remember you frantically pacing around the house at night but I think you had your things packed by then. I also remember being with the kids after your parents had left and making the welcome home sign for you and greer! That was so much fun, even though I ALSO remember having to have one of those really irritating, “okay you guys are having poor attitudes but I’m trying to do something fun and you’re all being fussy but you need to get over it so you don’t ruin our night and make me send you to bed early and finish this sign myself” talks with the kids hahahah, but it turned out fine and then you came home with the bb and she was so tiny and still had some umbilical cord attached (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww). That is something I definitely dont miss from a new baby, but i do miss you guys and hopefully i’ll be able to see the new addition sometime when you get back to the states!

    • I remember your saying that about the kids not doing a great job making the sign 😦 They are sitting here now playing angelically with their “Team Great Britain” lego mini figures – olympic dudes. Some apparently just tied for first in weightlifting I think 🙂 Have you noticed any “Team USA” minifigures out there in NY? Possibly at a Borders or Barnes and Noble – we’ve been picking ours up at the British nice bookstore, Waterstones. We might like some if you see any 🙂 All for now – need to make breakfast for the hungry savages…oh wait, I’m the hungry savage!!

    • Oh, and I meant to tell you – watched an episode of Nanny 911 last night – which always reminds me of you because we were watching supernanny together – I could barely stand to watch the whole thing. It is just so frustrating to me to watch little kids throwing endless over-the-top tantrums and then to see them continually using ineffective “time-outs” and letting the kids walk all over them, etc. I think people really do not realize that tantrums at 3 and 4 and 5 are because they didn’t discipline at 18 months. The “terrible twos” aren’t terrible if you expect more of your child and start training them when they’re one!! People give in to their super-smart-babies-who-totally-know-what-they’re-doing from such an early age that they essentially “train” their children to act like this. And of course, every child naturally wants to have its own way from birth – combine that with the way parents coddle them from birth, and you have a recipe for kids that are totally out of control. I just shouldn’t watch the junk. It makes me want to go punch my punching bag 🙂 Anyway, off to eat something…

  4. Oh my goodness, I know!!!! Honestly though, whenever I am out and see children like that and parents just not having any control whatsoever over them, I will comment to whomever has the misfortune of being with me at those times about how parents need to start disciplining their children and how there is no reason for that behavior, etc. It’s so frustrating to see that after I feel like I learned the magic answer from you guys, which is obviously the training and disciplining since birth which results in a three year old that you can tell to do something and they will obey the first time 95% of the time. I remember the period of Claire having to be spanked quite a bit when she was first getting the will of her own to do things and not listen to anyone, but it only went on a short while compared to undisciplined children who follow their own will for years and years. Anyway, that’s all to say that you guys have the best kids ever, and they still retain their cuteness and fun and everything, even though they’re well-disciplined 🙂 I’ll keep an eye out for the Olympic things, I haven’t seen any of those around yet, and also as to your most recent post, I loved the pictures with Gabriel and Claire helping! I remember Gabriel was always the one to want to really want to help cook and bake, and he had so much fun watching everything and pouring stuff 🙂

  5. Where in South Carolina? My new company is based in Charleston and I’ve had to visit twice now. Hopefully I can take an extra day on my next trip once you are settled and see you!

    • Near Charleston! Not going to broadcast it here, but that general area 🙂 Definitely hit me up on here or on fb before your next trip out! We probably won’t be there til mid-September I’m thinking. Nothing is set in stone yet for our move because we’re waiting on so many variables 🙂 But at least we have orders in hand now!

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