Our first outing – passport photos


Today’s post will be short because after getting up and getting breakfast, we all went out together.  Once we got back, I nursed the baby and put him down, and I slept for two hours myself, interrupted in the middle by a crying baby and a bit more nursing, but a solid two hours nonetheless.  After I got out of bed and fed him again, then it was time to work on dinner with my mom, and then we ate dinner.  Just about time to feed the baby again – and it’s 9:11pm!  Where has the day gone??  We got a bit of nice sleep last night, interrupted too early, though, BY THE LAWNMAN OUTSIDE.  Don’t you hate that when all things are perfect for more sleep and something silly like that wakes you??? I am thankful that the landlord takes care of our lawn in this way, meaning that we don’t have to do it ourselves, but today, I must admit, I was none too pleased with the noise.  Other noises that wake me too early sometimes – the trash pickup truck.  That’s another one for which I should only have gratitude, since when we lived in Maine we had to take our own trash to the dump and separate all the recycling really carefully so you had to use the city’s trash bags (for which you paid) for less of your trash.  Thankfully, the man delivering our organic groceries once a week has never woken me, so I only have love for him 🙂

Today we needed to go out because we had to have pictures taken of Daniel for his passport, since our appointment at the US Embassy in London is 8:30am Monday morning (that appointment slot is the only one available until August 23rd, by which point we hope to be back in the states already 🙂 ).  Two children needed fillings at the dentist so we just all went out – to the dentist first, then drive-thru for lunch, picked up a decaf caramel cappucino for me at the Costa coffee, then to the nearby Butterfly World and Craft Center – where there is a small photography business.  It all worked out pretty well, and the children even got to play at the playplace while we had the pictures taken and waited on them to be ready.  Tonight we had great lamb steaks that had been marinated in something yummy and minty (and brought to our door by the meat delivery man), along with some potatoes my mom roasted with rosemary from the front yard, and a bit of broccoli.

As I was rolling over in bed last I was reminded of how many muscles in my body were apparently involved in labor.  Every muscle in my core area was sore, exactly two days after labor, just like when you have a really tough workout and find yourself sore 24-48 hours later.  I wanted to look up and post pictures of the areas affected by pregnancy and labor, but I couldn’t find any good diagrams.  So just picture your whole body, and that about covers it 🙂

Yesterday evening after my nap we had several visitors which was nice because I always feel a bit secluded after giving birth.  Cabin fever sets in fast, and then I tend to go out too early and do too much.  Our first visit was from Karen who had watched the children while I was at the hospital.  As she was leaving the neighbors came outside and wanted a peek – Amanda, who lives int he house connected to ours, actually jumped in and watched the children for the three hours between us leaving for the hospital and Karen arriving – meaning she was the one who was here for the birth.  That was totally unplanned; my labor progression was just so much quicker than we had planned, and Karen had errands to run, etc, so we had planned on her arriving a bit later.  Just as the neighbors left, Stephanie and her partner Tom showed up, bearing gifts!  “Lollis” for the kids, another cute outfit (she’s the one who gave us that “Born in 2012” outfit), some hard ciders for John, and some candied nuts for me!  We had a nice long visit in which the kids pounced all over Tom and Stephanie got to have her baby-holding fix 🙂

Here are a few cute shots Stephanie captured on her iphone:

Just a few minutes after they left, our Pastor showed up for a nice chat, and he stayed for about two hours.  By then the evening was winding down (10:30pm!), and we all went to bed.  It was around 2am before I really got to my turn for a sleep, and I got to sleep until around 5am.  Then another feeding and rest until 8:30am.  Not bad for little man’s 2nd night home!!  Compared to all four of my girls, my two boys have been superstars at sleeping, from the beginning.   The girls have all slept eight hours through the night at around 8 weeks, but they have been tough for the first 7-10 days, born exactly backwards in their sleeping patterns.  I usually have to work incredibly hard to accomplish any daytime wakefulness with them, but not so with the two boys!! Yippee!!

If you have had children of different sexes, have you experienced differences in their sleeping patterns you attribute to their genders?

Do you get cabin fever? From what?

3 thoughts on “Our first outing – passport photos

  1. My boys were much easier. Oldest started sleeping through the night at 2 weeks, the second at 4 months and Caleb was home for three days the first time he slept through the night. His sleeping all night was random, but often enough that I felt well rested from the get-go. The girls….well that was another story. Between colic and illnesses, the older one was 2 yrs. before she slept through, and because of colic Leah was about 8 months. It was an adventure, that’s for sure.

  2. Sophia was just like your girls, sleepy during the day and awake at night. It took us a while to get her to sleep through the night. I’m interested to see how our little boy is different.

    • Especially last night when he went back to sleep pretty easily (just one short rocking session out of the three feedings) after each feeding and gave me at least a few hours sleep in between – I think it seals the deal that my boys miraculously know night from day almost from birth! My first was a girl, and we really struggled with it, then the second – a boy – adjusted really well and knew night was night – and then the next three girls I realized what the issue was and gave them baths off and on all day to really give them some good “awake” time – it took about 7-10 days with each til they would stay awake more easily in the day and go back to sleep after nighttime feedings. Once they did, though, they did well with the scheduling we used and slept through the night all around the same time – girl or boy – at about 8 weeks. 🙂

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