“On the Road Again” Our Future Plans…


Well. Today would seem rather uneventful since, again, I spent most of the day recovering from little sleep at night and feeding, pottying, diapering, and cuddling the baby.  But in the midst of all that, it looks like we may have found a new van to buy.  It has changed our future plans, though, quite a bit.  We also, late last night, think we made the decision to go into base housing in Charleston. And booked the Air Force Inn at the Charleston AFB for an indefinite stay for the family in a 4 bedroom “condo” at $52 per night (wow. super cheap after a year in the UK) to wait in until we are able to move on base.  Want to see why we decided to move on base? Check out this picture…







Here’s the floor plan for the house we would qualify for since John is an O-4.  It’s about 1954 sq ft and looks really great inside.

One more picture for you.

We had been starting to plan a trip from California to South Carolina because the military will buy our tickets back from England to Charleston, and will make them go all the way to California if we pay the difference.  It seemed like a great opportunity to get to visit our family because it would cost us significantly less to pay that small difference than to try to buy roundtrip tickets for our family of 8 in the future to see everyone out there.  Plus, we don’t have a family vehicle (we will be selling our VW right-hand drive van before we leave the UK), so we needed to buy one anyway upon arrival.  Why not fly to California, buy a van there, and then drive back to Charleston?  Seemed like a great plan.

Today, while we were looking for a used, 12 passenger, diesel van (the diesel engine limits us to Ford E350s) we discovered that there were hardly any on the West Coast.  John found a great one with low enough mileage and a low enough price over in NY.  Why not – he said – fly to NY, visit friends and family up in New England, then drive to California to visit, and then drive back???  I totally laughed at him when he said it in a “yeah, right” kind of way, but then I started thinking about it…and started making crazy plans.

So here’s the van – we already set up to buy it from them via a wire transfer and will let the place know after we hear back about our plane tickets whether or not they need to ship it to California for us or if we’ll be picking it up in New York.  We need to wait to see what the personnel office in Naples says concerning our tickets – whether it’s too late to change our plans or not.

Now – here’s the crazy map of our possible journey.  If you read my blog and see your city somewhere on this map, you should anticipate a call from me saying that the Armstrong Eight want to drop in on you 🙂  I am looking forward to some comments on this one…



Yes, I realize the cities are hard to read, so I will list them… and it’s 7600+ miles, in case you’re wondering…making up for our lack of road trips the last 4 years 🙂

New York, NY; New Milford, CT; Jamestown, RI; Bradford, MA; Amsterdam, NY; Niagara Falls, NY; Caro, MI; Omaha, NE; Rock Springs, WY; Loyalton, CA; Santa Cruz, CA; Redding, CA; Sacramento, CA; Salinas, CA; Escondido, CA; Grand Canyon, AZ; Albuquerque, NM; San Antonio, TX; Conroe, TX; Birmingham, AL; Charleston, SC.

Yes, we may perhaps be certifiably insane after this trip (if we aren’t already for attempting it!)  Not set in stone by any means, but if this happens, then any of you I’ve already talked to about coming to visit — this will change all the dates, and we’ll be sending messages out once we hear back about the tickets 🙂 Hope to see lots of you on our epic trip!!! 🙂



11 thoughts on ““On the Road Again” Our Future Plans…

  1. Seriously???? You’re going through Amsterdam, NY???? I live about 10 minutes from there. You’ll have to let me know when you’ll be there and I’ll scoot into town to see you and meet the new baby.

    • Linda – you are so silly! Don’t you know why we’d be coming through Amsterdam?? It would be to visit Christine and you! We don’t plan on an overnight stop there but were hoping to be able to hang out for a few hours with you guys somewhere – a restaurant if we have to – or her house or your house. I haven’t said anything to Christine yet because we don’t know our plans for sure. But she’ll probably read this anyway 🙂

  2. Well….I’m kind of slow on the uptake sometimes. Great. Just try to give me a head’s-up as you get closer so I can be sure to be available.

    • We would love to Joe, but our schedule is really tight to make it ti California in time for a wedding 😦 We’ll be certainly hitting up the East Coast and visiting everyone between Charleston and New England on another trip at some point – maybe in the summer next year 🙂 ps I deleted your address from the comment so none of my blog fans would come stalk you hahaha 🙂

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