Monday’s Musical Musings – Playing with Celtic Waves

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The movers are here now, being very efficient, so we are trying to stay out of their way as much as possible.  My mom took the older five to the park, and baby is still sleeping at 11:18am (I should be too, but, alas, I was up at 8:22 for the movers.  This is my longest stretch of sleep normally – the part up until noon – and today it was 7:30-8:22, curtailed by about 4 1/2 hours.  Hoping to catch up with a nap later on…)  Now that we’ve finished a lot of the scrambling around – getting things out of their way that they shouldn’t pack – I am free to write up my post for the day until baby wakes up 🙂  I still have to go through the kitchen and our bedroom, as well as all the clothes in the house, sorting stuff out that we need to put in the suitcases, etc.  Planning on that for tonight’s fun activity 🙂

So a bit of a flashback today – I wanted to post about the concert I was privileged to play with a great Celtic band in Hawaii last summer – Celtic Waves.  They are a fiddle, guitar, drum (sometimes bass), harp, and flute.  The flute guy also plays whistle sometimes.  They invited me to play as their guest artist last July right before we left Hawaii, on whistle and smallpipes.  My smallpipes had already been packed and sent off with the movers to England by then, so I borrowed a friend’s Walsh Shuttle Pipes.  Pretty fun to play actually 🙂

Here’s a good shot of the pipes:

Something that made the concert so much fun was the friends in the audience!  We had a few couples from church – David and Evelyn Sinclair who are originally from Northern Ireland (hence: lovers of a band like this), and Doug and Julie Thurston (I think Julie took these pictures.)  Here’s one she took of John and me:

The first time I heard this band I really fell in love with their sound.  They perform each Sunday afternoon at Kelly O’Neil’s in Waikiki and every few months at Wards Rafters, an eccentric little venue near Kahala Mall in Honolulu — it’s the third floor of the house in which lives Jackie Ward.  She and her husband started it as a live jazz club way back when, as they had previously traveled Europe with his jazz career.  Shortly after opening their own venue, he passed away, but her son still lives in the house and helps her run the place.  They have live music several nights a week and run only on donations.  It’s really cosy, so you feel like you’re just in a session.  So much fun.

Here we are playing “Sally Gardens Road” and “Musical Priest” with me on a D Pennywhistle.  This set is one I often played with Doolin Rakes, so even though Celtic Waves didn’t play the two tunes together, they did for me 🙂  The Celtic music community in Honolulu is pretty small, so we all ran into each other at this event and that, and they had heard me play with Doolin Rakes as well as with the Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaii, and some solo piping.



Here’s another video where I play on the shuttle pipes – a rendition of Mason’s Apron into Red Haired Boy.  They sing a silly song called “One More Chorus” in which the band is begging the people trying to close up the pub (I think it’s some policemen) to give them time for “one more chorus” – and so the people trying to make them leave say “Play the Mason’s Apron it’s the only song we know” which is when we obviously break in to Mason’s Apron.  Up until that point, the song is a little hard to follow because the lyrics aren’t all that clear, and the music isn’t too exciting.  But if you persist (or just skip to maybe around 1:30 in the video), it gets better 🙂

So that’s about it for today. I can’t give you any current pictures from the movers because it is so crazy, but maybe in a few days…tomorrow I’ll do a trip report on Bath – with all the details instead of just the sketchy ones from the other day 🙂

Do any of my readers play an instrument? Play with a band still? 

What’s a city in the United Kingdom you’d like to visit? (I can do my next trip report on that city probably, since we’ve traveled through Wales, Southern Ireland, Scotland, and England in our short year here…)




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