An empty house


I wish! I’m ready for the house to be empty, but it’s still not quite.  We’re getting there, though! I got to sleep in til 10:30am this morning, so I think I got about 6 hours of sleep with just one feeding in between those.  I fed him and put him back down until 1:00pm, and he slept well, even with the movers up there banging around.  I had just gotten dressed rather than try to get any more sleep – and, good thing, because the movers wanted to do our room right away so they could get some of the big pieces of furniture from our room after they packed it.  John and I had not gone through our clothes to keep out yet, so a quick walk-through of the room was needed (okay, it wasn’t very quick, but only took about half an hour.)  I thought they wouldn’t get to our room til tomorrow because they still had the basement, garage, three more rooms upstairs…but their plan was to do our room, so that’s what they did.

Here’s what things are looking like now…

And here’s the pool table where we stuck all the stuff “not to pack.”  Pretty scary, right?  We have an express shipment being picked up next Monday, so some of it will go then, and also some is for eating, and some stays with the house…

From the foray into the basement we discovered (well, John discovered) that everything was pretty much covered in mouse pee and mouse droppings.  Including all our suitcases, and the kids’ trunkis.  I cleaned those off today (not a big job compared to John’s Herculean task of cleaning out the basement), and the kids are pretty excited to see them out again, alongside our new ones:

That’s also the chassis for the carrycot — the pram – right next to the trunkis.  I love how small it is when it’s folded up!

Last but not least – Gabriel is still mesmerized by the floorplans of our new house.  He had John print him out one without the “sample” furniture in it – like the one he printed for me – so he could draw in the furniture and the cars in the driveway, the kids on the stairs, Grandma picking up the baby – all the good stuff:

There has been LOTS of vacuuming going on, since all over the house the mouse droppings are in corners, etc (I swear – we never knew there were mice all over the house and thought there were just a few in the basement and put out traps. This is disgusting!!!) and then once things are moved, etc, we’re getting everything cleaned up as quickly as possible so they don’t get spread around.  Also, the only place left to sleep and sit is on the floor –> so we need to vacuum!  John also had to shopvac the whole basement because of the wreck left by the mice, and he had to vacuum the engine compartment out in the Audi for when it’s shipped next week (he already vacuumed the interior.)  Can I just say HOW NICE IT IS that my husband is here for this move!?!  This is the first time since we’ve been married that he has been here the whole time with the movers.  Usually I have to have people come pick up the children and take them away for the day because it’s just me and the movers, and there is so much to do.  Especially with moving to another country when I had to get the medical screenings done for everyone, and the Visas, and find a house, ship a car, sell a car, and set up so much stuff – and deal with the moving – (ie, when we moved to England), or when we moved to Hawaii and had to ship cars and animals, etc — he has been gone for all of it, and I’ve had to do it alone (last time I had the help of Christine, though, and I think she took the kids out for me each day :))  This is THE BOMB! To have him helping with the lion’s share of the cleaning, and my mom here with the cooking and the kids, etc — of course, with a brand new baby, I absolutely could not have done this without them.  It’s such a blessing, though, that he’s here all day and not going in to work or anything 🙂 Now if I can have him home on the other side when they deliver our stuff….Time to feed the baby again!!

Do you have to do the moving yourself usually?

Have you seen trunkis? Do you want one?? 🙂

Do you plan where to put furniture, dishes, etc before you move in?


2 thoughts on “An empty house

  1. Hehe I see the palm tree! 🙂 And yay for John being there to help a lot and your mom too, there is definitely always a lot of the work to be done in that process with the house and the kids and everything. What’s the word on your road trip?

    • Hey there! I was totally thinking about you yesterday – something to tell you or ask you or… something like that. THen later I completely couldn’t remember what it was. THen you mentioned the palm tree, and I thought…maybe it was that? But no. No bells ringing there. I’ll figure it out sooner or later 🙂 No word yet – still waiting on the tickets!! I’ll let you know asap 🙂

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