Finally finished – the stuff is all gone!!


Yesterday morning the movers finished up, and now we just have some extra things that are going out on Monday in the express move and then our clothes for packing.  Plans have changed with my parents, and now my mom is flying home as I write.  We will certainly miss her, but we were so thankful she could be here through the toughest time!! It’s all downhill from here – packing up our suitcases, traveling to Scotland for a week, and then hopefully leaving for America.  We still don’t have our tickets from the military yet, so our hopes remain that we will fly out on the 14th, but who knows what will really happen?

I was just perusing the new Runner’s World (it’s a British edition since I bought it over here) and there were a few really inspiring stories that are getting me super excited about returning to my running.  One was about a lady who ran 23 marathons, despite having been diagnosed with and battling breast cancer in that time.  Her name was Kirste Snellgrove, and she passed away at age 42 in February.  She raised thousands of pounds for charities through her racing and continued to smile while running through her cancer treatment.  Reading about her made me realize how much I complained about running while pregnant, and how easy and simple it was compared to what this lady was doing.  How much a healthy body (and a healthy pregnancy, delivery, baby) is a blessing that we take for granted every day.  By all means, if you are a person blessed with a healthy body, get moving – because you CAN.  You may not have a passion for fitness as some people do — it doesn’t have to be your favorite hobby or anything — but our bodies are amazing machines, creations, with a need to be maintained, and we literally throw away the health that so many wish they could have by sitting around all the time and doing nothing.

Another lady, Alexa Hartwell, ran a 243K race through the Moroccan desert while pregnant, raising thousands of pounds for charity, completing the race, and then 8 months later delivering a healthy baby.  This may sound crazy to you, but to those of us for whom running truly is a joy, having the ability to still race when pregnant is liberating and fulfilling.  I hope by the next time I’m pregnant (if there is that time) that I will still  be injury-free and running longer distances so I am able to run, and run, and run…

Then there’s this guy with a prosthetic leg who ran 630 miles around the South West Coast Path in Cornwall for a charity.  Really people, in the words of Nike – “Just do it.”  Now on to our recap of the last few days…with some cute pictures 🙂

I started this blog post yesterday, but then events overtook us, and, one thing leading to another, I was unable to post before midnight.  My first day not posting since I started 😦  I am trying to post a bit every day so that I don’t find myself posting once every few weeks as I think might happen if I started taking breaks from it.  Plus, I enjoy writing each day because it makes me feel like I’m talking to a friend 🙂  What ended up happening is that it was suddenly time to leave for our 6pm dinner reservation.  It crept up on me while I was nursing the baby and taking care of online business (closing accounts, paying bills, etc), and then we weren’t home until 10:30pm.  And when we got home, John and I discovered neither of us had brought a house key (our doors all lock automatically when you close them, so you don’t need a key to lock them.)  A 15 minute challenge ensued in which John and Patience were able to finally get a window open, and one of the children went through it to open the door.  It wasn’t really a pleasant time after that as John vacuumed our now-empty bedroom and switched laundry, I nursed the baby, and the children finished their movie from earlier and went to bed.  And before you know it, it was midnight!!

Actually now it is only 12:57am, but I am working on this tonight so that tomorrow when the day gets away from me I’ll be way ahead of the power curve and can just hit “publish.” 😉  I was supposed to be sleeping right now but needed to try on some clothes I had left out to see if I should just pack them to send to Texas with my mom.  She’s taking a suitcase of our things back with her, so anything we don’t need until Texas (which we should hit around Sept. 5) is going in that suitcase.  A few other things as well — I’m just trying to thing of what we won’t need til Charleston, and it’s a bit mind mending at 1am.  I’ll tell you a bit about yesterday, though, since I took a few pictures, and it was a full day 🙂

After we got up around 9, I nursed the baby and put him back down, and I drove my mom and the five other kids over to the “Butterfly World and Craft Center” (mentioned frequently of late in this blog!) to play at the playplace.  I dropped them off and headed over to the Costa Coffee drivethru for an imitation frappucino, decaf of course.  I never drank these things til the last month of my pregnancy and will probably stop craving them in a few more days 🙂 I’ve already lost the ice-eating addiction and even threw away a whole cup of awesome Starbucks ice yesterday after finishing my iced coffee!! That is unheard of for me lately.  For some reason my ice at home has been tasting like soap, so I haven’t really wanted to eat it anyway.

Here are a few pictures of the kiddos I took while they were playing at the playplace, after I returned with my coffee drink:

Greer and Claire on the see-saw

Greer and Claire on the see-saw











The first of a few shots of my children making odd faces - Greer

The first of a few shots of my children making odd faces – Greer








Patience had just lost a ring (but we found it) when we took this

Patience had just lost a ring (but we found it) when we took this

Then, I drove back over to where they were and popped into the hat store where a lady makes handmade fascinators and embellishes hats she buys.  (It’s one of the “crafts” in the craft center part of the place.)  I bought one fascinator just because it’s awesome, and another to match a dress for a wedding this month.  The one for the wedding she is making by special order and will have it finished by next week 🙂 Perfect!  Here’s the other one…

one of the new fascinators, Greer snapping the iphone photo (John's iphone)

one of the new fascinators, Greer snapping the iphone photo (John’s iphone)

By the time we got back from there the movers were finished and we thought about lunch.  Instead, we had ice cream 🙂  I didn’t have anything since that fake frappucino was really filling.  Around this time we received a call from my dad saying that he had been unwell and wouldn’t be able to come out here on Monday as planned, and that’s when we started arranging for my mom to return Saturday morning as well.  I tried to take a nap once my two babies were napping, but I was too wired from being worked up about my dad, so eventually I got up to get some things done.  For dinner we ate at the restaurant with the best food we have tasted in England.  The chefs and management previously (until three weeks ago) ran another restaurant we’d been to three times, so we knew the food was great already.  It certainly didn’t disappoint, and my chicken, chorizo, and tarragon pie was the best meat pie I’ve ever had!!

After dinner we headed over to the kids’ piano teacher’s house because he and his family wanted to meet baby Daniel and “wet his head,” which is what you call having a drink to toast the little guy’s arrival.  John and he had a Scotch while we ladies had some Port which they bought in Portugal last week on their holiday (so British of them….) We ended up being there a little over two hours, as the men enjoyed chatting and the children loved playing in their yard and with their hamster 🙂  He was a great teacher who really had Patience and Gabriel learning at a good pace without pushing them in a way that would turn them off.  He enjoyed teaching them as well because they were so different from the British children – possibly because they’re American, possibly because they’re homeschooled and tend to be more conversational with adults than a lot of other children I know, or possibly because they’re our kids and that makes them spectacular 😉 hahahaha.  It was a very nice end to the evening.

Today has a few things scheduled, hopefully enabling me to get a bit more sleep after I take my mom to the 5:30am bus to Heathrow.  The owner needs to come do a walkthrough to inventory things in the house, and we need to find a laundry place to wash things that were in the basement and had mouse droppings on them (ie bedding, curtains, towels.)  Since I’ll finish this later in the day probably I will go for now (1:24am…) and feed that cute little baby one more time before I hit the hay…

Can you find the reason for the funny face Greer is making climbing in to that chair? (It’s in the picture)

What’s the most inspirational running story you’ve come across lately?

Have a bad delightful treat you’ve been having lately (like my frappucino craze?)



3 thoughts on “Finally finished – the stuff is all gone!!

  1. Sorry to see that poor Greer is about to have a sore toe.
    Glad to hear your all on the downhill coasting side of moving.
    Pleased about Daniel’s safe and healthy arrival.

  2. Yep, I noticed the toe, too. But those are the sorts of things I’m tuned into these days, as are you. 🙂 One gets some kind of magic instinct about these small hazards our children are likely to encounter, and we can see it coming. It’s a bit spooky.

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