Packin’ it in!

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What a busy day!! Here are the kids, with their trunkis “packed” (not really packed well yet, but full of their things nonetheless) and ready to go 🙂

John also wanted one of us with the trunki kids…

We had the last set of movers in this morning, and then the house cleaner showed up and was here for about four hours, and in the meantime I went through a whole loaf of my homemade bread for toast for everyone (including the movers – had to serve them some toast with their tea – very British!) and a pack of bacon.  Also we polished off the watermelon we cut into last week and two mangoes on their way out.  Lunch was simple – Ramen – and then I went out with Patience to have the car washed (even though it was pouring rain – it needed a good powerwash for some caked on stuff before it is taken to be shipped tomorrow), visit the chiropractor, and pick up a yummy decaf coffee drink for me.  We have been working hard all day on consolidating the last of our things, even packing up several flat rate priority mail boxes to ship off to Texas tomorrow from RAF Lakenheath (which is the US Air Force base right next to where we ship out the car) since everything won’t fit in the suitcases (and isn’t needed on the trip really).  Yes, these boxes probably should have been things packed with these movers today, but we hadn’t completely finished sorting through the clothes and things left in the house, and basically we were poor planners 🙂 Looks like it’s only 5 boxes to Texas, though, better than the maybe 10 boxes we mailed here to the UK when we moved away from Hawaii.

While packing I got out some shoes that are for wearing to a wedding in California in a few weeks.  While unpacking my suitcase (not at my request), Greer found said shoes and decided they fit her perfectly.

Tomorrow if I post at all it will just be a few pictures from the road trip and very little commentary because we probably will arrive very late in Edinburgh, so I’ll give a quick description of the day now 🙂  We have to be completely packed up, leaving the house with just our suitcases for the trip to the US (taking our Scotland bags with us as well as the leftover snacks and things) and making sure it looks presentable for the landlord to be showing it while we’re gone all week.  John is leaving with one child around 6am in the Audi to make it to Lakenheath by the 9:30am appointment at the Vehicle Processing Center where it will be shipped to America.  I won’t leave as early as him because I need to get some sleep, and I’ll have the other five children.  I’ll meet him some time before noon I hope up at Lakenheath, and we’ll probably get lunch at the Exchange there and shop around the toy section and such 🙂  From there it’s another 7 hours up to Scotland, and I anticipate we’ll have one or two pit stops.  Seemed like a daunting road trip until we planned the epic one coming up in the US 🙂  For people in the UK, though, this is a long trip for just one day.  Most don’t drive 10 hours in a stretch on a very regular basis, and I think we’ve done it about 10 times in the year we’ve been here!  We have put 23,000 miles on the van in only a year 🙂 Go Clan Armstrong!

Here’s a last one for you. We’re such water snobs (it’s not just about having fluoride-free water, but we like our water to taste a certain way, or to not taste certain other ways, so we buy the big 5 gallon bottles and normally keep them on a crock) that we bought this survival dolphin pump for the top of water bottles that is important enough for us to keep out from the movers and pack into our suitcases 🙂  We are even taking this big bottle with us on the drive to Scotland!  And Patience wants me to say that her Polly is parachuting in the background over there…

Are you particular about the water you drink?

Ever been to Edinburgh? Other than the castle and the Military Tattoo, do you have any recommendations for us?

Taking any long road trips this summer (or have you already?) Where to? —  This van we drive here is so old school it doesn’t even have a DVD player in the ceiling.  Forget that, it doesn’t even have a cd player! Just a tape deck! Can you say 224,000 miles! Yeah baby!!

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