Wandering around Edinburgh

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Looking up at Edinburgh Castle

Looking up at Edinburgh Castle

















Our first day out and about in Edinburgh got off to a good start because it didn’t start til 1:30pm! 🙂  The baby went to bed at 12:45am and then woke me at 3 (back to sleep at 4), and then 5 (but he quieted down again and cried again at 6), was back asleep by 7, and then we got to sleep til 9:45am!  Daniel was still sleeping (and slept til 11:30) but John came in to my room to grab some bananas, so I was up.  It was nice to be up for a bit without Daniel so we could all have breakfast and start to get ready.  We relaxed with cereal, rice milk, and in my case, rice cakes with peanut butter and banana, that we had brought with us — not just to save money but to save ourselves from having to get up in time for hotel breakfast 🙂 We also got to watch some of the Olympics, and the kids played with new Polly Pockets and Legos, so everyone was happy 🙂

Once we finally got underway, we made a pit stop at the hotel playground for me to nurse again before hitting the town.  Then we drove towards the Castle, parked, and walked up this HUGE hill.  That’s what the picture is — looking straight up the rock face at Edinburgh Castle perched on top.

I just got back from the Military Tattoo which takes place at the castle 9-11pm, so I am quite beat and will keep this short with just a few pictures, and then I will post more over the next few days.  We basically just shopped on “The Royal Mile” – the name of the street coming down from the castle.

After browsing a long time at one store that weaves its own tartan fabric still (lots of neat weaving things to see) we had a nice lunch at the restaurant at “The Scotch Whiskey Experience” – a place with tours about making whiskey, whiskey tasting, and of course a whiskey shop.  It’s to give tourists a look at whiskey since the closest operating distillery is 19 miles outside of Edinburgh.  We didn’t go on any of the tours but enjoyed the nice, calm restaurant, especially since the weather was gorgeous meaning the streets were packed with people.  Here we are waiting for our food:

Then we walked further down the street, looking for a place that sells the kilts it hires out to people for weddings and stuff because I need a new “beater” kilt — ie one that I don’t want to pay a lot for but is a good kilt for piping — because John always wears our Armstrong kilt to stuff and I normally wear my band kilt.  Right now, though, I’m in between bands and have no band kilt, so I just needed another for the time being.  More about that tomorrow after I take a picture of it 🙂  Anyway, the point is to tell you that walking down the street turned out to be quite eventful since the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is going on.  Tons more pictures coming up, but here are a few of the strangest things we saw:

No idea what this guy was doing.

No idea what this guy was doing.

A levitating Yoda

A levitating Yoda

Can you guess what Gabriel found underneath??

Can you guess what Gabriel found underneath??

Yoda didn’t like it that Gabriel was inspecting his rig, so he tried to light saber him 🙂  Then Patience showed me how Yoda looked:

THere were a lot of cool little alley ways leading up and down to other street levels.  Strangely enough, when I walked around tonight after the Tattoo, the city reminded me a bit of Venice, with courtyards, alleys, and stairways all over the place.  Here are the children in front of one of the alleys (called a “close”).

Okay, that’s all you get for tonight.  We are loving Edinburgh because it is such a neat city – the layout and style, the things we see everywhere, the buildings, the people running about everywhere – so I can’t wait to get out there to take more pictures of things we saw today but were unable to capture (me and my slow camera work, and never having it out when we’re driving!)  11:56pm so I am squeezing this one in under the wire!  Time to feed the little man again and pop off to bed!!





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