Making our way home – part one of many…


Amazing weather as I write this driving south to England again.  This is the first part of our long, long journey.  Holiday is over, and we’re heading back to Wroughton, and in 3 days’ time, we board a plane to the US.  We had absolutely gorgeous weather the whole week in Scotland – a far cry from last year, this same week, when we froze in the drizzle most of the time.  As we head home – for the last three days that Ivery House will be our home – I am sad to say goodbye to Scotland, since I know this may be the last time I ever see it.  When the weather is nice, it has to be one of the loveliest places on earth – rolling hills dotted with grazing sheep and criss-crossed with stone walls and lush green hedges.  I found these pictures online to try to show you sort of what we’ve been seeing, since none of my pictures do it justice.


The Yorkshire Hills (south of Scotland, but more of what we saw along the way – may not have been this trip, but definitely on our last time south and into the Lake District.)

The small hamlets through which we passed getting to the motorway (the first 90 minutes of the drive from Edinburgh was in countryside) were both quaint and lively – especially the town of Biggar which was established, as the sign said, in 1481 AD (or something like that.)  Here are a few I took of the countryside along the way:

The River Clyde

We had quite an eventful start to the day after a restful night.  Daniel slept from midnight til I woke him at 4:30am, then he went back to sleep after eating and slept from 5:15am-noon when, again, we woke him.  Normally this would count as “sleeping through the night” since he went about 8 hours between feedings (remember – our “night” for him is 4am-noon because we’re trying to put him onto East Coast time) — **but** knowing newborns, I’d have to say that I expect him to be waking for a middle of the night feeding again in about a week for the five/six week growth spurt – and then after that when he sleeps through, we can call it a success 🙂
The start to the day was nice and slow again – eating breakfast in the room and packing, feeding Daniel and getting ready to go – but then it ramped up when John discovered he could not find his wallet.  We never did find it in the room, so when we checked out, we headed back to the magical park where we played last night.  Now will be a good time for some of the fun pictures from playing there…
(Check out Greer hanging on for dear life.)  Of course, it wasn’t at the park, as someone probably would have picked it up before 1pm which is when we arrived today to look for it.  Saddened and frustrated, we had no choice but to get on the road.  Perhaps it will turn up in our things when we unpack later.  Of course, any time is a bad time to lose a wallet, but perhaps losing it right before a Transatlantic trip, and then a double cross country trip, ranks right up there among the worst of times to lose a wallet.  It had his military ID in it, his driver’s license, three credit cards, and two debit cards, among other things which we can’t really remember right now.  Thankfully, we have our passports with us, and had we been on a trip in the US, we wouldn’t have been carrying these, and therefore he would be stuck away from home, needing to fly, and with no identification.  So that’s one good thing – we have the passports!  We also have my military dependent’s ID card for getting on to any US bases in order to go get his new ID.  As we drove I called our four banks to check for charges on our cards and to put them on hold.  John had to take the phone a few times to confirm security questions, and, of course, during one of these times while he was driving and answering their questions, the oil pressure warning light went on with a nice shrill “beeeeep.”  Great.  We soon stopped where John checked the oil and bought some to put into the van.  Of course, he needed my bank card to pay – which I had left in the back pocket of my skirt, packed in my suitcase, under all the other suitcases in the trunk.  We sorted that out, and I subsequently discovered that the beloved nursing pillow – my boppy with the super soft velour cover my sweet friend Georgia was kind enough to send me – was nowhere to be found.  Alas, it had been left in the room during our hasty and distracted exit.  (Just saw a sign “Under inflated tyres are dangerous.”  Did you know they also spell pajama over here “pyjama”?)
With our newest setback resolved, we headed out again, having been made more cheerful by the beautiful scenery and by the Starbucks we found right before entering the motorway.  Now we’re on the M6 and making good time (I like it how, even though we’re on the motorway, we can still see sheep, cows, and green hills :))  Now I can tell you about the things I left out in the last few days – get ready for lots of pictures!! (I will try to narrow them down…)  I will leave the Tattoo until Monday, a day in which we will only be home all day doing nothing but preparing to leave (also, there will already be a ton of pictures without talking about it today.)
We parked the car just off the Royal Mile and looked for Kilberry bagpipes, which we eventually found, tightly shut up because they were all at The World Pipe Band Championships.  (Speaking of the Worlds – the new Grade I Pipe Band World Champion is…Field Marshal Montgomery, out of Northern Ireland, second year in a row…of course I was routing for my beloved Simon Fraser University Pipe Band from Canada…but great job anyway :))
On the way up the street we passed this “traditional spinner” as her sign said – with a very non-traditional mohawk.

A “close” (alleyway)

Once we finally were allowed in the castle, we took a few pictures.
They have a cemetery just for soldier’s dogs!

“Scamp” is buried here.

Most of these are self-explanatory.

The view of Edinburgh from the castle

The kids’ favorite part of the castle – a model of it!

The next several pictures of of the War Memorial.

War Memorial front

Back of the War Memorial, and where the entrance lies

Over the door of the War Memorial

The oldest building at the castle – the picture under this one.

Under this are a few from the Great Hall.

The Palace, where Mary, Queen of Scots, gave birth to King James VI of Scotland (and James I of England)

In front of the museum of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Hope you enjoyed our little snapshot of Edinburgh!  I would highly recommend this city for visiting – and I am sure you would love the train ride between London and Edinburgh.  We ended up coming back south through Bristol, so perhaps that’s the way you have to go to see everything lovely we found on our drive today, but I have a feeling it’s amazing either way.  We came up from the Cambridge area (having stopped at RAF Mildenhall on the way) which is the way you’d come up from London, and that was amazing as well – although it was dark as we were entering Scotland.  Have a great weekend (what’s left of it!)

2 thoughts on “Making our way home – part one of many…

  1. It looks gorgeous there! And I remember just googling pictures of some of the stuff in hawaii for my blog hahah. I love the playground pictures and the pictures of all the crazy street characters promoting the plays and stuff that you saw 🙂 That’s awesome that Daniel seems to be doing well with the schedule you’re trying to get him on, hopefully it will stick after the growth spurt. That’s such a bummer John lost his wallet 😦 I hope it won’t cause any problems with the rest of your travels and everything. And also a bummer about the boppy too 😦 Oh, but as to your other post, that’s a very cute kilt you got and I bet you were loving that store that you said was like an online store with so many options for stuff 🙂 Even if that will be your last time in Scotland, at least you’re getting some great experiences and true Scottish products to have 🙂
    When I was looking for toys, there was a Lego set for $90 of the Battle at Helm’s Deep for Lord of the Rings, and it was this big castle scene with people and it was AWESOME, but I didn’t get that one hahah, I was more practical and got some smaller stuff that I hope they like 🙂 And I hope I will be less hormonal by Saturday,which I should be, but last night I genuinely cried while watching the final Harry Potter during the scene where Harry sees Snape’s memories after he dies, and it shows how he loved Harry’s mom but was friend zoned the whole time, and then all he went through caring for Harry without him knowing, and having to lie about being loyal to Voldemort for the greater good, and just ugh, I was a wreck, but I should be back to normal in a few days 😉 I just know that either way I am going to cry when I see you guys and hug all the kids and I’m sure John will just laugh at me but I need to get waterproof mascara for Saturday hehe. Okay I hope you guys have an easy going next few days with travel and I can’t wait to hear more from you!

    • Hahah I’m pretty sure we’ll end up with some of those more awesome LOTR sets soon 🙂 Did you know Daniel’s middle name “Feanor” means “spirit of fire”? Pretty cool I think 🙂 Feanor is not in LOTR but he’s in The Silmarillion. Not sure if I spelled that correctly 🙂 Found something(s) for you today while we were out. At a cool store that basically has all the types of things I normally have to buy online (all my 40s swing dresses and such – I went in there for a black and red petticoat to wear under my cherry halter top dress at a wedding in a few weeks.) – they had an amazing pair of shoes which they didn’t have in my size. oh well 🙂 We are excited to see you! Liesl mentioned it today – Gabriel….remember NEW YORK! We’re going to see CHristine!! 🙂
      John said today – so when is Christine coming to live with us in Charleston so we can go running together? 🙂

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