Running Away…

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Not running away from anywhere really, just putting together two themes for the day — I went running and we are getting ready to move away.  Cheesy, I know 🙂

This morning got off to a running start because I was awoken by John coming in at 9:30am with a crying Daniel.  His previous feeding had been from about 4:30-5:15am, so that wasn’t as much sleep as I had hoped for, but it was enough.  John had gotten up earlier and driven to two places with our van to have it washed before we get rid of it, but both places, advertised as being open 8am-8pm were closed still, although it was after 8am.  Oh well.  We were expecting our Pastor and another friend David from church around 10 because they were going to take away our van since they are going to try to sell it for us.  Before that, though, the removal men from the US Air Force base arrived, ready to take away our dryer (which was touching up our last load of clothes), our stove (on which John was just finishing cooking up the last ten eggs in the house), our transformers, and our Wardrobes.  They were all on loan for the year from the US Government and made our lives appreciably easier in the time we were here 🙂

Next, Pastor Andy and David arrived, but John needed them to please take him on an errand because the outlets didn’t open til 10am, and he wanted to buy one more suitcase for all our stuff.  He went out with them to run that errand, and I commenced breakfast burrito assembly in the kitchen while the removal men finished up their work.  A while later, John called to say the hat store was closed – because he was at the Butterfly World and Craft Center trying to pick up my new Fascinator, custom made for me to wear with a certain dress to a wedding in a week.  This led to a phone call, in which John reached the owner who told him the hat was inside and to ask a lady for the key, John asked the lady who then went to management for it, and after waiting twenty minutes, John went back to her and she finally just went and grabbed the key from the manager.  All’s well that ends well, as you can see here, with Greer modeling the new Fascinator:

Right when they returned from those errands, they needed to run down to the local post office to buy another tax disc for the van – something which just expired but that were not aware was necessary since we are selling the vehicle.  Turns out we needed to bring the insurance, and we couldn’t find that.  Thankfully, on the USAA website you can view your insurance documents, and John was able to bring it down to them electronically.  They wanted it printed out, though, so they ran across the street to the real estate office and used their printer.  Sweet!!  We were also able to unload the last of our American food stash – Jimmy Dean sausage, Pepperidge Farms Kielbasa, Pepper Jack cheese, particular chips (crisps as they call them here) and goodies – onto them to pass along to the other American in our church.  So it was a busy and successful few hours.  Then it was time to feed Daniel again!

After this feeding – around 2pm – I went running.  Yippee!! I wanted to say goodbye to my old running route, stretch my legs, and see where I am physically since the birth of the little man.  I was a little sore here and there, and sometimes I felt that the run was difficult, but at other times it was splendid and I was feeling tremendously well.  Overall it was a great run 🙂 Since I’m in England, it had to rain as well, to remind me what I will be leaving behind.  All this sunny weather for the Olympics? That’s just pretend England.  Real England is off-and-on rainy most days in the summer.  Or at least that’s how it’s been since we’ve been here.  The rain was nice, though, because it kept me cool even though it was 2pm on August 13.  I ran a nice, easy 3.28 miles at 11:08 min/mile pace — definitely faster than when I weighed 25 pounds more a month ago (the day before I delivered) but still way on the slow side.  That’s okay, though! I’m not in a hurry to speed up – I just love it that I’m able to run again 🙂

After the run it was time to get back to work on packing to move away.  A sad thing for sure, but it’s nice to see this room where we have all our things staged slowly becoming cleaner and having more clear floor space 🙂  We had cheese, crackers, turkey, and salami after my run (no stove to cook on because the owner’s stove was broken, which is why we had one from the military.)  More packing, packing, packing.  Then a nice break in the monotony, as we visited with our neighbors for a bit, and all of us worked on finishing off all the ice cream in the freezer 🙂  Then we had a visitor – Karen from the Reading Scottish Pipe Band – to pick up some things I still had that belonged to the band and some trail mix I had bought on base for her husband, and to drop off a “quaich” from the band (It has the seal of the Reading Scottish in the center and is a small silver dish.)  Here’s the real definition: “a special kind of shallow two-handled drinking cup or bowl in Scotland.”  As we visited I reassembled my bagpipes for the first time since March, and as soon as she left, I struck in my pipes.  Tuned them up for a few minutes, and before you knew it, I was piping along 🙂  So that’s two things I’ve done today for the first time in a while and which I had missed – fun!!

As I was piping, our other visitor showed up – Stephanie who was our mother’s helper the last six months.  She brought me a yummy decaf coffee from Costa and played with children and snuggled Daniel a lot 🙂

We also ate our dinner while Stephanie was here — quesadillas from the microwave 🙂  Using up the leftover food!! Then it was back to packing.  So it was a nice day of farewells (sad, too), to Pastor and David, the neighbors, Karen, and Stephanie, but now we are really ready to step on the plane tomorrow and to start our next Armstrong Adventure.  Can’t wait to see all of you along the way!



One thought on “Running Away…

  1. That was always my mom’s threat…I’m running away!! I’ve prob used it a few times myself. Good for you for running!! I swear when it gets cooler I’m going to get my butt out there and try it myself. I’ve always loathed running from as far back as kindergarten but I’m gonna do it anyway. I might just alternate with riding my bike so I don’t get completely pissed off and quit!

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