Running, New Milford to Groton


No, I didn’t run from New Milford to Groton, but I did run, and right now we are heading from New Milford to Groton 🙂  Driving along in the van again, trying to type without looking at the keys very much so I don’t hit someone — just kidding, I am the passenger, but I get carsick easily, so I am using my stellar typing skills 🙂 We arrived at my Aunt and Uncle’s house yesterday around 5:15pm in New Milford, Connecticut.  We haven’t really visited with them in about 14 years maybe?  Possibly they’ve been at one other family event where we were a four years ago, but I don’t remember.  Either way, it was really nice to reconnect with them, and the kids definitely enjoyed the visit.  The drive from the airport, to pick up the van, and then to their house was just gorgeous.  I wish I had a camera in my mind that would  take pictures like I see things, because the camera doesn’t seem to do justice to scenery when pictures are attempted from a moving vehicle 🙂

The children really wanted to swim in their pool, even though it was only 76 degrees in the water (crazy kids) so they got in before dinner.  Then Jim had grilled us some chicken the night before, and they had a whole watermelon cut up and ready to go.  There was also a delicious pasta salad, and it all felt like “home.”  Moving around so often, it’s hard to say what we call home – normally it’s wherever we live (John and I don’t refer to visiting our parents in their states as going “home” since our home is with each other) – but now that we’re back here in America, I can safely say – America is our home.  The mainland. (Sorry all you Alaska and Hawaii people.) We are so enjoying being back here.  Here are a few pictures they took while the kids played in the water:

Greer on the slide

After dinner we moved in to play with toys my aunt had found around from their children (Their kids have graduated from college and moved on to real jobs and such.)

Greer winning over my uncle after dinner

We managed to make it til just after 9pm when Greer went to bed, and 9:30pm for the older ones, who all dropped off as soon as their heads hit the pillows.  John went to bed shortly thereafter, and I was able, with the help of a call from my mom, to make it til 10:45pm.  I was fading FAST, though, and I think I was even slurring my speech!! After a feeding for Daniel, I fell right asleep and slept til he woke me at 4:15am.  He went right back to sleep, and we both were able to sleep again from 4:45am-7:30am, when my alarm woke us.  The other children were all up around that time as well, and breakfast preparations were in full swing by the time I came downstairs.  I looked for all my running things (that took about half an hour) and then dressed and went out for a run, logging a good four miles (close to it – 6.19 km) at about 11:15 pace.  It was very hilly and beautiful, warm but cool enough in the shade that I could keep going.  When I got back the children were all in the pool, so I took off my shoes and socks and joined them with a quick trip down the waterslide into the deep end. Ahhhhhh!!
 Pool picture from today:

Claire surfing

Here I am after the run – since no one wants to see random pictures of a lady in running clothes unless she’s got a growing baby tummy (when you keep thinking – she’s even bigger! can she possibly work out with that tummy?), I will just post this one today to show you my new “US Embassy, London, England” shorts and my 4-week-postpartum-post-run look.  After this I think I will only be posting pictures of myself if I’ve gone to a fun event or if I am surrounded by either cool landmarks or cute kids.  Mostly it will just be the cute kids on their own, though 🙂
Now we are in Rhode Island for the night, but I’ll cover this state tomorrow 🙂  John showered while I swam, and then I showered and fed Daniel again – then to repacking since we had gotten out quite a bit of stuff!  I am realizing this doesn’t sound very exciting, especially compared to yesterday!  As I write, though, there is a super-exciting and loud thunder and lightning storm going on, so at least I’m having a little bit of a thrill while I type, even if you’re bored while you read 🙂

Uncle Jim wore this shirt because John and I went to the Naval Academy, and Army is our arch rival.

We left New Milford, CT, around 1pm and arrived in Groton, CT, just after 3pm, with a quick stop at a Babies ‘R Us to replace my lost Boppy Nursing Pillow.  We visited with friends whom we had met in Hawaii on our last tour who moved to Groton around the time we moved to England.  We had a nice time visiting with them and having, for the first time, the famous “Mystic Pizza.”  In case you’re not American, there was a movie made about 20 years ago with the famous Julia Roberts called “Mystic Pizza” which took place in the pizzeria of the same name.  It’s still the same place, but they apparently have two locations now.  It lived up to its reputation for sure – my girlfriend and I shared the Mediterranean Pizza with garlic, oregano, artichoke hearts, spinach, and roasted red peppers.  Delicious!! The all-meat pizza the guys had was pretty tasty as well…I had a total of four pieces!!  It had all sorts of yummy meat on it, the pepperoni was the only meat I recognized, though 🙂
That’s the end of the Connecticut story – let’s see how many states I can run in during one month!  England on Monday, Connecticut on Wednesday, tomorrow – Rhode Island…lots of driving, lots of running!

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