Midwest Meandering


Yesterday we covered our 2000th mile just a few minutes before reaching our the house of our friends the Veenemans.
These last two tanks of fuel were good for us: 18.6 and 18.5 mpg. I dreaded such the long trip as we needed to get from the thumb of Michigan to the western edge of Iowa near Omaha, Nebraska in one day.
Daniel woke John and Me early in the morning. I got up and fed him at about six while John laid in bed trying to get the last few minutes of sleep, but by around 7:45 he had showered and shaved and was downstairs lugging things to the van. My parents came over with my Aunt and Uncle to see us off and to fuel our departure with donuts, and we were on our way by 8:45am. The google map had said it would be 13 hours, and the gps said 12, but since we gained an hour with the time change we arrived at 9:30pm, thankful that the drive had been uneventful 🙂

We stopped for lunch at a Steak and Shake where I had never been before. It was pretty tasty, especially my chocolate banana shake!




Driving through Illinois and Iowa it was strange to see so much land (lots of corn!) but no sheep! There are sheep everywhere in England! We also saw huge windmills and a sign for the Danish Immigrants Museum. Very random. To emphasize the importance of freshly brewed iced tea to more people than just me: a truck drove by with big signs on the side, one saying “fresh lemonade,” the other saying “brewed tea.”. It was the kind of truck you’d see serving drinks at a fair or carnival. Tried to get a picture but we passed it too quickly 🙂

We stopped for dinner on a whim at an Arby’s, thinking we wanted something different instead of McDonald’s but not expecting much. Gabriel fed Daniel his bottle while we waited for our food. Started out with one of these:


I loved everything we ordered – turkey with cheddar, tomatoes, and ranch dressing on multigrain bread. My Rueben complete with cheese, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing on marbled rye. Seasoned curly fries. Awesome.





Nice sunset 🙂 Much more beautiful in person.


2 thoughts on “Midwest Meandering

  1. Yeah Steak and Shake definitely reminds me of Johnny Rockets, glad you enjoyed it, and Arbys too 🙂 haven’t had Arby’s since Hawaii hahah. Hope your trip is still going well, and you beat the boredom of that drive you texted me about 🙂 Also did you get a chance to listen to anything I sent you? if not I understand, just excited to show you stuff you may like 🙂

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