The Alien Capital of the World

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So hard to blog about the road trip now that we’ve plopped ourselves down at my parents’ house for a week and are super busy trying to stuff years of fun into seven days!  We haven’t been all (my parents, my brother and his family, John me, and the kids) together since December 2007!  That’s what three years in Hawaii, in which John deployed twice, a year in England, almost a year in Djibouti (my brother) will do to a family!  Here’s the last leg of the road trip — Albuquerque to San Antonio!

So we’ve traveled across the middle of America where one of those states can surely claim to be the Corn Capital, then we visited the Artichoke Capital and Garlic Capital, and what I say should be the Strawberry Capital, but it couldn’t be called a successful roadtrip until we had passed through the Alien Capital of the World.  Can you guess where we were?  Better yet, in each picture, can you find the Alien?

Apparently this Alien and I have something in common — willing to travel long distances to the Southwest United States in order to find good Mexican food.

Close-up of the Coke machine at Third Rock from the Sun

Too funny – “Music is Universal”

One last alien…figure out the town yet?

Other than Aliens, it’s also the home of New Mexico Military Institute.

Unfortunately, I was too slow to get a picture as we drove by an alien driving a stagecoach next to a UFO.

We reached Texas where we were greeted by this:

And this:

“Man, it is SO HOT!” All of us kept saying this for the next few days til a “cold front” hit which brought temperatures down to the 90s 🙂

There’s not much to say about the loooong drive across Texas on Wednesday, so I’ll just show you a few pictures.

a store we stopped at in Ft. Stockton

World’s Largest Roadrunner

Texas billboards…

Saw another one I couldn’t photograph quickly enough “Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy.” I’ve seen a lot of “Only in America” things along this trip, but this one is in the category of “Only in the South” 🙂

We reached Converse, TX, where our friends live, around 10pm on Wednesday.  The next day was relaxing, with a 4 mile run on their treadmill (my first time on a treadmill since January 2011 – and it went surprisingly well!) and a visit to Ft. Sam Houston to have a new ID made for John.  Our friends were both at work when their schedules overlapped for a few hours, and since they homeschool, we were in charge of everyone 🙂  We had NINE children with us, and it was fun when people said, “Are they all yours?” to be able to answer: “NO — only six of them are ours.”  Hahahaha.  A few pictures from a break for ice cream at the Base Exchange to end the post, just to leave you craving Baskin Robbins:  🙂

Greer is loving her shades…

Besides seeing all of his Grandparents, the only thing Gabriel wanted to do on this trip was see his buddy Isaac – we got to know each other at church in Hawaii 🙂


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