Running to Honor – remembering POW/MIAs

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This morning started off not quite as planned or hoped for, since the one time I wanted Daniel to wake me up a bit earlier he chose to sleep in just long enough to spoil my running plans. Knowing my milk supply to be highly dependent upon getting enough rest, I decided to go back to sleep after I fed him and kept him awake for an hour, as it was now only 7am and John was gone at work. I ended up waking at 9, and we started the day with a trip to DUNKIN donuts on our quest for 5 gallon water bottles or a place to refill them (the Culligan place was closed for no reason, so we failed, but I just found out you can refill them at Walmart.)

I had thought Daniel would wake me around five, at which point I could have fed him, dressed to run, run, and returned before John had to leave for work at 6:20. Even 5:30 would have worked, but waking just before six just made it impossible to run before John had to leave. I could have set my alarm for five and then gone out hoping he’d sleep Til I got back, but there’s not a reliable wake time for him right now. He is just barely sleeping through the night, but he’s been getting up between 5 and 7, so we are still not totally “there” yet with the baby sleeping times. He seems to be having a growth spurt and eating more quickly and frequently, often wanting more than I am able to produce and then being sleepy after feedings. It’s been going on for three days, so it should just about be over. I hope to report by Monday that he is close to 8-10 hours through the night…

Here are some photos of the lodging. I’ll show you the outside first so you can then Be impressed by the inside even though it’s messy 🙂

Not exactly the most welcoming sight:


“Quick! The baby’s in the water!! Hurry get her in!! We’re approaching the whirlpool!” Claire yells that she can’t do it and Gabriel orders, “Just make it happen! To the starboard mast!” Patience says, “Everybody! To my cabin!!” then Gabriel: “Second in command-I need you!! I’m the captain!” Apparently this is a giant ship…

20120921-120327.jpg The “baby” is Greer who keeps unwittingly going overboard, endangering herself and the whole crew. And they are all now castaways on a deserted island:

20120921-121153.jpg I am told they all have their own rooms “except Swab,” says Patience. That’s Greer. “Now-everyone off my room-except Cap’n-that’s Claire,” Patience says after posing for this picture:

20120921-121723.jpgSo anyway, all the pictures are from the park on the Air Force Base because I brought the kids over after picking up tickets from the recreation office on base for tomorrow’s excursion. Gabriel just told someone that Patience is now fourth in command, but her name is Rose. They are all so fun!!

20120921-122147.jpg. That’s “Rose,” on the imitation zip line. Here’s third mate Liesl (named Lily apparently) Cap’n Claire, and Swab near the swings:

20120921-122529.jpg. And here’s Swab, endangered by the impending whirlpool, unbeknownst to her:

20120921-122756.jpg. Back to the pictures of the lodging 😉 no labels because it’s hard to do one-handed on my iPhone :).





20120921-123158.jpg. There’s a small flat screen tv in three of the bedrooms and large ones in the living room and master bedroom. That’s my laptop opened up on the ironing board. Here’s a picture of how close the black track is to our rooms :


So now on to the title of the post. On the street next to our lodging I saw this sign yesterday, and it’s going on Til 3:30pm today, so if John is home by 2:30, which he may be since its Friday, I am going over to run a few miles:

20120921-123810.jpg. I went down to ask about it yesterday and snapped another picture. I’ll report back tomorrow on whether or not I was able to run!!

20120921-124133.jpg. I forgot to tell you about yesterday-our first day trying out a homeschool co-op, and we loved it!! I’ll tell you more about the classes next week but just quickly-our friends who were stationed on the USS Pasadena with us in Hawaii are stationed here now, and they go to the co-op, too! Here I am with Rachel Sample, and then there’s a picture of her son Jude with Greer. Aloha!




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