Weekly recipe recommend: salmon salad sandwiches

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That’s Claire keeping Daniel happy on Thursday while we waited in the van during our homeschool co-op. Just now: “Can somebody come help me clean up our room?” asks Claire in her sweet little voice…”Yes Claire; I would love to!” answered Liesl. Man. Some days these kids just blow me away. 🙂 Now Claire has come down crying because Parience apparently took over the cleaning project and won’t let Claire help. Sheez!

Anyway I do have a quick and yummy recipe for you but though I’d give you a brief snapshot of our Thursdays first since we sit in the car a lot trying to entertain the baby and toddler and occasionally other kids as they come and go from classes. We left on time for co-op with sausage biscuits from the microwave and dropped off Liesl and Patience in their Little House on the Prairie class (Liesl just joined it this week-good thing, too, bc they watched a movie and had pumpkin pie!) and Gabriel at KNex. Greer, Claire, Daniel and I goofed off (after I fed Daniel) in the van:

20121005-134317.jpg. Love Daniel’s matching expression in the next one:

After that, Patience walked Liesl to art class and I dragged the babies along to bring Claire into art class; Patience continued on to science, and Greer, Daniel and I walked over to meet Gabriel. He was glowing from a great class in which he and his team had built a bridge, the teenage boy teacher had told everyone in the class they were all being horrible except Gabriel, and the guy had also told Gabriel he was the smartest kid in the class-probably not true, but high praise coming from a “cool guy” which is how his teacher seems to him. I took them over to Biggby Coffee a few miles away and drove through for a pumpkin spice decaf frozen latte, a chocolate chip cookie, and a hot chocolate for Greer and Gabriel to share. Normally that time period will be when I run Gabriel to piano, also only a few minutes away. Here they are after the hot cocoa:

20121005-135451.jpgAfter the coffee break we arrived back at the co-op to gather in Claire, Patience, and Liesl. John just happened to be there today to meet us for lunch bc I had forgotten something at home I would need for later in the day and he was bringing it to me. He hopped into the van, and I was able to snap a few of the kids:

20121005-140141.jpgNormally at this point I would have left Gabriel at piano and then just swept in to collect the girls, turned right around and driven back to the piano teacher’s house, but instead we had until 1pm for lunch and errands with Papa. Then we returned once more to the co-op where Patience and Gabriel skipped into zoology (they love that class) and John walked Liesl into ballet while I finished nursing Daniel in the van and wolfing down my sandwich. 🙂 Here’s what we were up to during ballet:

20121005-141705.jpg We always put mats out to run around or sit on…




20121005-143250.jpgRachel and Andrew Sample were there bc their two daughters are in ballet as well – here’s Andrew with Gideon and also Jude smiling for the camera:



After class we spent more time than intended at the mall because I had Gymbucks to spend at Gymboree and wanted to pick up some jeans to match their sunflower shirts.

20121005-144317.jpg(Yes, those are tiny sunflowers on their jeans!) After a few more stores I was ready to pass out from needing to eat, so a smoothie with protein powder from Orange Julius was necessary. 🙂 The kids enjoyed a waffle bowl sundae from DQ (the same kiosk as the OJ) and spent their quarters on little ninjas and skittles. 🙂

20121005-143647.jpgI think Greer is a little confused about what “open your eyes” means :). Here she is finishing off my smoothie and covered in stickers at Gymboree:




That’s about it for our day out 🙂 now on to the food! I am constantly amazed at how hungry I am when I’m nursing. You would think I’d remember that from kid to kid, but the intermittent period of being repulsed by most foods or just completely apathetic about eating (aka pregnancy) wipes out any fond memories I have about being able to eat like a horse while losing baby weight (I’m guessing that training to run a marathon is also increasing my appetite…) Usually I have to wait three hours after eating before I can run, and that normally means refraining from drinking as well to keep it from sloshing around in my empty tummy. Now, I can drink nonstop fluids up until and during running and I’m still thirsty. If I were to go three hours without eating I wouldn’t make it five steps down the road before face-planting (I don’t think I’d even have the energy to get on my compression socks if I hadn’t eaten recently!) I went to bed hungry last night, dreaming of a salmon-salad sandwich, becoming quite unhappy when I realized the only bread in the house was cinnamon raisin Ezekial bread. But wait! Genius! It would be sort of like those chicken salad sandwiches with grapes in them!

If you’ve ever thought tuna in a can was healthy, you’re right of course. But what’s even healthier? Canned salmon, my friend! The ingredients in canned chicken are pathetic – about ten in all, none of them monosyllabic. Tuna is a bit better – maybe one preservative, tuna, salt, and either water or oil. But salmon? Just salmon and water! And even better – the salmon is canned with skin and bones giving even greater nutritional value. “Gross!” you may think. But I promise, with a little salt and pepper and something crunchy – I like celery – you hardly notice the bones. I added some curry powder, too, just to spice things up a bit 🙂


20121005-151128.jpgThat salmon looks pretty icky right out of the can, doesn’t it? I add mayo and seasoning and then the celery, then spread it onto my bread 😉 Yummmmmmy!

20121005-151430.jpgOh, I mentioned running after eating because I’m about to head out for a quick 3-4 miles after nachos at lunchtime. 😉 Come on – I was making them for the kids – how could I resist?? Two days ago I ran 8 miles and my iPod cut off after two miles (so I made it start a new workout) and then it wouldn’t register the other six on the Nike website. It did the exact same thing the day before with my six mile run. They both show up on my iTunes, but they won’t upload to Nike. It wouldn’t matter except that on the iPod nano you can’t see your splits unless you look at the run on the website, although on the iPhone app you simply turn your phone sideways to see your splits. All this is to say that I’m excited to now run exclusively with my phone because I received my new water bottle yesterday with the bigger bag for holding the phone, and I’ll be running with John’s Bluetooth headphones. Check it out.


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