A Capital Time


Friday was a day in which we visited two capitals – Washington, DC, and Annapolis, MD!  We left Annapolis Friday night with full tummies – thank you Adam’s Ribs!!!!!  I had a salad with shrimp (and a she-crab soup I didn’t really like) as well as 3-4 ribs from someone’s plate.  The kids scarfed their ribs down, and John probably ate 3/4 of a rack of ribs by himself.  We can’t come to the Annapolis area without a trip to Adam’s Ribs (They catered our rehearsal dinner as well the night before our wedding.)  John says that Greer (who turned two just a few months ago) probably ate half a rack by herself.  They were a big hit!

We started out Friday morning in Roanoke Rapids, NC, where I ran my last three miles on a treadmill at the Holiday Inn while John had breakfast with all six kids by himself in the hotel lobby.  After a quick shower we were on the road in plenty of time to pick up Christine at the airport at 3:30pm in Baltimore.  Unfortunately, at our fuel stop just north of the Virginia border, I remembered that I had left the freezer pack with the extra milk for Daniel in the fridge back at the hotel.  So, back we went, and by the time we hit DC it was already 3:15pm, so there was quite a bit of traffic.

Leaves on the beautiful drive

I was a bit frustrated that the GPS had us going right through DC (but perhaps the big loop around the city would have taken longer); however, seeing a few of the sites along the marathon route was pretty exciting:
We didn’t end up at BWI Airport until around 4:50pm, which didn’t really ruin any plans but was just annoying because of the stop and go traffic.  At least I remembered it before it was too late to go back!  Marathon success depends a bit on having extra milk for him.  Once we retrieved Christine from the curb, we were on our way to show off our Alma Mater.  None of the children have been there since Patience was 6 months old and John’s submarine was the “touring” ship for Homecoming one year.  (I just recalled another trip to Annapolis when we lived in Maine and popped down to see the Naval Academy Spring Musical – a Gilbert and Sullivan one – but I don’t think the kids went over there since we arrived in the late afternoon and took them over to the babysitter’s house straightaway.)
Fun times were had by all as the children stared wide-eyed at the huge buildings and beautiful campus.  They particularly loved Dahlgren Hall, where John and I used to go on “dates” for pizza and ice skating when we were midshipmen and couldn’t leave the Yard during the week. 🙂  Christine was enamored of the campus as well, and the place was made a little more magical by the presence of many strange people clad in odd costumes.

Driving over the Severn River into Annapolis

Naval Academy N* on the Water Tower

The outside of Dahlgren Hall, built in 1901 (I think that’s what the sign said) – this is where we could go for pizza or subs, to study, or to ice skate on nights when we couldn’t leave the campus.

Looking over at the Chapel dome

The roof inside Dahlgren Hall

Hanging inside Dahlgren

Tecumseh, the statue we painted before every home football game

Kiddos with Christine

Looking down Stribling Walk

The front of Bancroft Hall, our dormitory

the kids standing by a mock-up of one of the rooms (my room never looked like this because they were remodeling the building while I was there.)

Right inside Bancroft Hall – “The Rotunda”

The kids and John walking into Memorial Hall (also inside Bancroft Hall)

Running to Honor tomorrow – LT Darin Pontell, my company-mate and classmate, killed 9/11/01 at the Pentagon

Also LT Jonas Panik, my teammate on the Powerlifting Team, another victim of 9/11

Apparently this weekend there will be many oddities as the Naval Academy’s organist performs his annual Halloween Concert on the grandiose pipe organ in the Chapel.  This annual production began my junior or senior year and has grown annually, now incorporating special effects, costumes, and plenty of antics.  I have never been to the concert (It was sold out by the time I noticed that it was going on this weekend.)  but I’m sure it would be memorable — We don’t celebrate Halloween in our family, but the concert is just famous “eerie” organ music, and the organist (Monty Maxwell) is one of the country’s best — things from “Phantom of hte Opera,” Toccata and Fugue, and things from a few Requiems.  One of these days —
Saw this hilarious picture  and thought I’d share it:
I hope you have been having a good weekend! 🙂  We plan on braving a hurricane, dragging 6 kids around Washington, DC, and running a marathon.  Sounds like we’ll be pretty busy!!

2 thoughts on “A Capital Time

  1. I love the pics of your beautiful family in this post. Your kids are just adorable! I also enjoyed the tour around Annapolis. My family lived in Baltimore before I was born and Annapolis was one of their favorite places to go.So neat to see!

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