This has something to do with the surprise…what is it??

So I promised a small surprise in today’s post, but first I must correct a few “discrepancies” pointed out to me by my husband found in yesterday’s post.

Apparently in my beat-down-by-the-marathon stupor I was unable to absorb all the details given to me by Christine and John about their day in DC.  Just Daniel was on the floor of the train in all his poopie glory.  And the man didn’t threaten to call the police on John – the man was, in fact, a policeman, and threatened to arrest him if he carried Greer on the escalator in the stroller.  So John had to take her out and carry her and the stroller separately, which is what he did again later.  I had thought it was someone giving him a hard time for trying to drive the stroller onto the escalator with Greer sitting in it, which is his usual modus operandi.  And that, instead of disobeying the man by driving her in the stroller, he picked the whole thing up and carried it with her in it.  But I guess when he tried to do that the police officer went off on him.  Last thing to correct is that John didn’t see Gabriel making the Lego “I love you” sign — instead, Gabriel came up to him and told him that he was making me a sign and that it was a secret.  This makes Gabriel appear at his cutest.  Even better. 🙂

I should update you on our eating over the last week — I don’t remember much of it but the tacos stand out in my mind – with my homemade seasoning and a mix of ground turkey and ground beef (Watching Biggest Loser just may be starting to affect my food choices a bit…) – and the rest of the homemade salsa.  I’ve got a bunch more tomatoes and jalapenos from the bag of food from an organic farm that I get each week (a sort of grab-bag of in-season veg), so more salsa is on the way, and I promise to make a report of the recipe this time. 🙂  We also had rotisserie chickens from Whole Foods one night because I had run over there for a few things and they were on sale – which led to homemade chicken soup last night using fresh corn on the cob (also from the organic veg bag – boiled up some mystery greens in with the stock from the bag, too).  I’ve been having 1-2 shakes a day as well because the idea of a chocolate-coffee frozen concoction is just taking over my life right now.  Depending on the time of day (is it replacing a meal, is it a snack, or do I really not need any extra calories right now) I build my shake in different ways.  Always the base is ice (in England I always had some overripe frozen bananas on hand which eliminated the need for ice and added enough sweetness for the whole shake) with enough milk — mostly almond with a little rice milk, and then if I want some extra (healthy) fat and calories, I throw in a bit of coconut milk — to cover the ice.  I will toss in between 1/4 and a whole scoop of protein powder, or just a handful of almonds (I put some pecans in yesterday with my pumpkin spice shake) for some staying power, and then the decaf instant coffee and cocoa powder (not all the time) and sweetener.  With the pumpkin, I am using pumpkin butter which already has sugar in it, with other flavors, I have a few coffee syrups which obviously have sugar – like Gingerbread or Caramel, etc – and I’ll use about a teaspoon.  If it’s just a mocha (cocoa and coffee), I’ll put in a little Agave nectar.  I never put in enough to make it sweet enough for me – so I supplement it with Stevia as well just to get it to “perfection” without the extra 60-100 calories of a real sweetener that it would have taken.  All these shakes are kind of overshadowing the other things I’ve eaten because they are so yummy. 🙂  I know I also had several salmon-salad sandwiches on my signature cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread.  Can’t get enough of that combination!!

We worked on rearranging boxes in the house yesterday and today, and a few bookshelves, and things are looking much better.  Probably ten boxes were unpacked, so we’re still working on putting all that stuff away, but we are well on the way to “acceptable” from our three-week stop in “liveable.”  We’re still quite a distance from “comfortably cute and wonderful”, but I am so thankful for this house and our happy furnishings, no matter how many boxes surround us, especially when I think of all the people in the Northeast.  I think what makes it so hard for people right now is that 1)The people in New England don’t usually have this kind of a catastrophe in the back of their minds like those in the Southeast and on the Gulf Coast tend to do.  It’s more like something out of a summer blockbuster – New York City being flooded, the Jersey Shore being washed away – and it’s really hard to fathom that this has really happened up there.  Consequently, they were completely unprepared for such colossal damages. 2)Winter is upon us, and they don’t have much time to rebuild before New England will be experiencing colder temperatures.  Shelter and clothing for those who lost it all is an even more dire need than it might be if this had happened in, say, July.

So I feel a little lame writing about what we’re cooking and the boxes we’re unpacking, etc, when there are so many people who’ve lost their homes, and some even their loved ones.  Hopefully if you’re reading, you won’t mind a short diversion from the tragedies on the news and the election coverage everywhere else. 🙂  I also snuck in my first run post-marathon on Saturday – just 3.16 miles and nothing to write home about.  It was a comfortable pace, and nothing was sore, although it seemed a bit hard to keep going after about fifteen minutes, so I think my legs are still recovering.

A few things found in the boxes this weekend…tea party anyone? 🙂

So here’s the surprise I kept promising….

AFTER! Patience wanted short hair again because brushing it is always so much of a challenge…the rest of the pictures will be before – then after. 🙂

Claire – before – and she looks like she’s wearing lipstick, but it’s chapped lips that she’s been licking too much. 😦

Greer’s was the first one — and all the girls loved it and begged for the same!

Liesl’s working on losing that top front tooth…

So there you go – now you’ll still recognize us if you run into the girls and me some time this week.  It has been so cute watching them all frolic around the house with their little bobs.  Greer especially.  Super cute. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Cute! Cute! Cute!! I used to love when Emma had a little bob like that!

    We are looking forward to the salsa recipe! That yummy salsa you gave us the other week, well, I could have just put a straw in it. It was that good!

  2. Oh my gosh! Just when I was finally able to figure out the difference between your girls and you go and throw me a challenge!!!! Seriously, though, they look precious, and your bangs are great! Annabel goes for a bob every so often and loves it. Patience may inspire her to go short for the winter!

    So glad everyone/everything is settling in. We are still looking at boxes here as we’ve decided to get everything out of storage and pare down..such a challenge for us! Everyone wants to keep something!

    I agree with Joell- the salsa was magnificent and when I ran out of chips, my finger served me well! MMMMMMM!

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