Krispy Kreme donuts!  I chose today to post about a few random things having nothing to do with the election because they were things I forgot to include in the epic “marathon” series and because today was just an ordinary day for me since I am an absentee (non)voter and don’t have any tv in the house.  I don’t think we would have been able to get our absentee ballots very easily, having left England in August and not having a permanent address til October 12 (not even knowing that address much more than a week before that.)  We both are registered to vote  in Texas and felt that our votes would not “count” anyway, since we were going to vote the way the state will most likely go.  People say that military absentee votes are unlikely to count anyway, but I don’t know what’s up with that.  All I know is that it will be at least another 6 years before we are in one place and permanently change our address and register to vote in another state.  Until then, I’m pretty sure Texas will be red.

Either way, I forgot to tell you about my FIRST “HOT NOW” KRISPY KREME DONUTS.  I have never had them hot before from a Krispy Kreme store, and we were passing by one the night after the marathon on our way down to Charleston – I sort of begged John to stop but was, in actuality, the driver, so it was more just an affirmation of the acceptability of donuts right then that I needed from him.  Seriously, I at two donuts immediately, back to back, within about three minutes. I’ve never done that before, but they were so amazing.  And, hey, if the day after a marathon isn’t the time you can eat  two donuts, then I guess that time doesn’t exist.  I could not believe how unbelievable delicious they were.  I will have to do that again some time!!

No other pictures for the blog today – but I posted this to facebook this week — it’s my two sons both at 3 months old. Is it just me, or do they look alike!?! I played the “who’s that baby” game with all 6 of my childrens’ 3 month pictures, and it was comical to hear that the kids thought all the babies look just like Daniel 🙂 I’ll have to post a picture of all six of their pictures together…

The other thing I wanted to mention with regards to marathon has to do with perspective.  I used to think running a marathon seemed impossible, an insurmountable task which I would never want to attempt anyway.  Once I became a runner, the marathon distance started to seem more achievable, but still huge.  After reading Born to Run, where distances over 50 and even 100 miles were discussed, a simple 26.2 miles seemed more than within my reach.  Right around that time I also started reading the blogs of other runners.  Most of the blogs I found came from clicking on the links I found on one or two bloggers – sort of like a chain reaction of blogs to read.  I started out my search using “pregnant” and “running” in the google task bar because I was curious about how long into their pregnancies other “normal” runners had taken it.  Sure, I’d heard of that lady delivering a baby a few hours after finishing the Chicago Marathon, but I was looking to see how long regular “mother runners” as they like to call themselves commonly ran into their pregnancies.  I was ecstatic to find ladies running all the way through the due date – lots of them!


Well, after reading blogs for a few months, I tired of the ones (no offense if this is you) written by people who were so different from me – who were pregnant with their first child and running, or pregnant with their second and juggling that one baby with running through a pregnancy, or having several kids who are all in school so you get to run after they’re on the bus each day.  I mean, come on, there was a big difference between the lifestyle of those women and my lifestyle as a homeschooling, pregnant mom of 5 (at the time), so I wanted to find practical advice from runners a bit more like me.  I found one lady very similar who hadn’t started running til she already had 6 or so kids and then ran through pregnancies and just had her 9th child, Catey, over at Random Thoughts from the Zoo.  I think her kids go off to school each day – but only half of them, since she still has so many small ones.  So hers was a blog from which I gleaned a lot.  Or Racing with Babes lady who ran up until she was due with baby number 3.  Regardless of finding things in common with some great ladies in the blogoshpere, I consistently find myself drawn to the blogs of those who really drastically overachieve in the world of running.  I am so inspired by their accomplishments!  What this led to, though, is an UNDERESTIMATION of the marathon distance.  From reading blogs like Mile-Posts, and Run Far Girl, and NYC Running Mama, I started to feel like a marathon was not a huge deal.  These women have run so many marathons (over 20 for Dorothy of Mile-Posts) and are younger than me (so by the time they’re 36  they’ll be up to – what – 50 marathons!?!) and have such fast times that I started to expect running 26.2 miles to go pretty smoothly for me.  I didn’t read on their blogs that they did any marathons this soon post-partum, and if that was on purpose, I can see why.  There is something to be said for doing the training – all the training – recommended for a marathon if you’ve never done one before.  Trust the experts and take the months to slowly build up your distance.  If you don’t have those months for some reason, like I didn’t, well, then, don’t expect to have your body thank you for doing something that crazy.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad I did it.  As the days pass since October 28, I’m even more thankful that I was able to go up there with my whole family to make the Marine Corps Marathon my first marathon.  Why not next year, you might ask?  Well, I don’t exactly have a good track record for staying un-pregnant for more than a year at a time, so I could quite possibly be “with child” next year in October, and I can pretty confidently say I’ll never run a marathon while pregnant.  And the year after that? Well, I’d most likely be pretty newly post-partum again.  So if I wanted to make the MCM my first marathon – and then move on to more and better things – I felt like the time was now.


Since I do live in America, and an election happened today, I suppose I should at least mention it, although everyone has already filled the world with blogs and tweets to overflowing by this point.  Here’s my facebook status from tonight once the race had been “called” – and I think it pretty much sums it up for me:


“can i just say ONE little thing about this election to any and all of my fb friends – especially those of you who are overseas and don’t quite understand the political climate over here, and to those who are still going to go on spewing vitriolic words against anyone remotely conservative – HALF OF AMERICA – NAY, MORE THAN HALF – DID NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA.  He may win the electoral college, just like Bush did long ago with the whole popular vote thing, but THIS IS A COUNTRY DIVIDED. I just don’t like it how the rest of the world – because of the way the news outlets portray conservatives – and seemingly 7/8 of the people I know on fb MARGINALIZE conservatives like we’re some fringe impotent group trying to heft our beliefs on the vast majority.  No, this is an open conversation where LITERALLY (look at the numbers people) LITERALLY half of our country thinks one way and half thinks another, and it’s been this way for 16 years.  So please, please, stop treating me like a loony because I disagree with your liberal views.  I think that is officially the ONLY thing I’ve said about this election; thank you for listening.”


So yes, I gave it away, I’m a conservative.  I think the fact that I have 6 kids probably already clued you in, but if not, now you know. 🙂  I didn’t have high hopes for the election, but I am SO READY to stop seeing all the political opinions on facebook.  People say the rudest things – stuff they would never say to you face to face but which they feel comfortable saying to the “general public” of facebook.  So let’s all move on and keep living as friends and neighbors, trying to work together for better communities.  Hope you have a great Wednesday! Hoping for my first run in a few days tomorrow when John comes home for lunch.  Hopefully some day soon I’ll have a really great feeling run!

2 thoughts on “HOT NOW!

  1. A word about KK, as we like to call Krispy Kreme at my house, YUM-O!! I am sorry, but they put a total beat down on DD. So, welcome to the deliciousness that IS KK. I remember just before we moved to Texas in 1998 from NC, and nearly every single Saturday morning my husband and Jacob, who was 3 at the time, would go have a father-son moment at our local KK. It was a very old establishment with the counter and the metal swivel stools out the old diner days. You could stand at the windows and watch how the doughnuts were made. We loved that place! Then we moved to TX, which had no idea about KK! We were sad. BUT, about a month after we moved to Arlington, a KK opened in town!! We were ecstatic! The father-son dates could resume. We do love us some KK!

    I somehow missed your post-election status on FB, but I agree with you.about how it seems that we conservatives are viewed by the other side. I am ready to move on from all the angry political posts–from BOTH sides!!–and continue to pray for our nation and the hearts of its people. God is still God last time I checked! 😉

    See you tomorrow.

  2. Wherever we are, no matter where we’re going, we almost always stop for HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW! Best things ever! I don’t even eat them cold- just hot. I’m spoiled. Glad you discovered them!

    And I’m with you and the political commentary on FB and everywhere else. I tried very hard to stay away from it and only made one comment today- about a bogus parody tweet that “Timmy Tebow” made. A sore spot for me. Maybe I should have kept quiet. At any rate, I’m so glad the election is over!

    In other news, I downloaded Couch to 5K and am beginning on the path. I’m sure I’ll get somewhere, although a marathon is definitely not my goal. So proud of you, though, for doing it!
    Blessings! S

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