Cold enough to go…sledding!

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Hey there! I am not really feeling as chipper as that sounds but do become a bit more animated when I think about the pictures I’m about to post.  We went out to a park yesterday as a family, not knowing what to expect since I had looked it up online as being one nearby the Target where I wanted to pick up boxing gloves and rugs.  We started the day with yummy breakfast burritos and went out before lunchtime with a picnic for the park.  We hit up Target first, thinking to get John a Starbucks near the entrance since he felt in need of caffeine, and then we planned to spend our lunchtime at the park picnicking and playing.  Turns out Starbucks had buy-on-get-one-free holiday drinks, but it didn’t start until 2pm, so we actually ended up grabbing the coffees on the way out instead.  I came up empty-handed on the boxing gloves, though — they did have complete sets with bags and gloves, but I already have a standing bag and just needed better gloves because the ones I have are worn out and don’t protect my hands enough (I started feeling like I might injure my hand when I was using them previously.)  This meant a trip to Sports Authority was in our future, but I saved that for later. We sat in the toy aisles for a bit, browsed quickly on the holiday aisles, restocked a few favorites on the cold medicine aisles, and took advantage of the $2.50 12 packs of select Coca-Cola products.  Then it was on to the park, armed with a peppermint mocha and an eggnog latte!


Drinking some of the hot chocolate we brought for the picnic.

We had some leftover croissants from the Costco bakery, so I made turkey and salami sandwiches with those and brought along grapes, cheddar bunnies, and chocolate chex mix.  We also had two mugs of eggnog/hot cocoa (that’s where you mix eggnog in with the dry mix to form a paste and then add in the hot water) that were quite the favorite.


It was pretty chilly out (perfect for holiday drinks!! in cute red Starbucks cups for us and a Guinness mug and British thermos for the kids :)) so we were able to do a little sledding, too…

Love this one of Claire and Greer

Gabriel literally leaping off as it grinds to a halt — the hill was pretty steep so at the bottom everyone ended up rolling all over each other.

Patience and Greer running back up the hill for another go

You can see Greer’s foot sticking out behind Patience as they speed downhill

I did run out tonight for those gloves, after having a short 45 minute ride on the stationary bike in the early evening, along with a shower.  Finally washed my hair and got rid of the straightness — it was nice to see myself in the mirror finally! Some stranger has been looking out at me from the glass since last Saturday when the hairdresser straightened it after my trim.  Greer and Claire kept me company for my outing and even talked me into an hour relaxing at Barnes and Noble. 🙂






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