Tuesday Trip Report: North Andover, Mass. – Part I – Smolak Farms

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A few days late, I know, but finally an update of part of the weekend:  I tell you what – we were a pretty crazy group all together — 4 adults, ten children ages 10 and under.  Quite a crowd!!  We spent Black Friday at a nearby Christmas Tree Farm (it’s open year-round and is also known for its peaches and apples and animals) where we did not, in fact, buy a Christmas tree but instead spent the time playing pirates and eating apple cider donuts.  I don’t think any of the four adults actually made any purchases – at the farm or online – that were not related to filling our tummies, so I guess we all really failed on finding great Black Friday deals.  Add to that that we weren’t out of bed til late and didn’t manage to leave the house until around 2pm, and you could say that we skipped the major shopping day in its entirety.

Arriving at the farm, we all browsed the animals for a few minutes before descending on the play structure – a giant pirate ship.

John and Daniel after we got out of the van

Patience, contemplating the deer

Daniel was made Captain of the Pirate Ship (with Liesl and Braden Mathison and a stranger as part of his crew)

Claire at the water pump

Georgia and Miles

The pirate ship underway

Lily Mathison

Greer walking the plank

I was called in to help with the flag…

Claire looking out a porthole

I think that one’s Liesl? No, it’s Claire again.

Patience, issuing orders to the crew

Daniel, holding down the fort

Ryan Mathison took these of me, Claire, Gabriel, and Carter

And there’s Liesl (with a grape in her mouth)! with me and Carter

Back to Daniel…

Daniel, chilling out in Ryan’s sunglasses

Picking out some apple cider donuts – Claire and Liesl

After playing around outside for a while, we retreated to the warm cafe/shop for their famous apple cider donuts and Ghiradelli hot chocolates.

cute little country store

Georgia showing off the reindeer in the greenhouse where we ate

Claire with her cider donut

Greer, pensively enjoying her donut

silly Lily face whilst donut dining

“Smolak” on the stockings – the name of the farm

An old sleigh

John and Georgia laughing about something

Why is Daniel laughing?

Ryan is tickling his teeny foot 🙂

Greer and Claire playing hide-&-seek with Braden (where’s Claire?)

That’s Liesl trying to bargain for some more hot chocolate. One last photo – Claire running around high on sugar before we left.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you about what else we did in North Andover 🙂

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