North Andover, Massachusetts – Part II

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First time to really sit down at the computer all day – with the exception of placing  an order on Amazon and trying to take care of some business – and it’s 11:16pm.  Going to feed Daniel for the last time tonight and then head to bed to get up “early” (for me – 7:30am is early) for our day at co-op tomorrow.  Here are a few more pictures from our visit to North Andover, Mass.  It’s not where our friends live exactly, but it ended up being the town where we went for fun 🙂  Not that we didn’t have fun in their town – I honestly have no idea what town we were in from day to day as we traveled around but only know where we went to the farm (because I could google it) and where we went to dinner on our double-date because of, again, Mr. Google.  Here are a few more pictures from the Tree Farm on Friday which I forgot to include in yesterday’s post:

Guess who!? (Greer – in case you’re trying to figure out which blonde-haired beauty it is)

Liesl looking down on Greer and Claire

To catch you up more quickly, though, we will pick up with Friday night.  After the Tree Farm we drove up to South Berwick, Maine, where we own a house.  All we did was drive an hour north, show up at the house, meet the new tenants, tour the house, and then hop back into the car for another hour drive.  This spoiled any plans to reheat Thanksgiving food for dinner, and, unfortunately for us all, we ended up at The Ale House in Amesbury, Massachusetts.  I am totally kidding, though, because the restaurant had amazing food (Cajun Fish Chowder, delicious bruschetta, coconut shrimp salad) which we didn’t have to prepare, and we sat in a very two-family-ten-kid-friendly table upstairs in a corner.  We picked that restaurant, though, because John and our friend Ryan were meeting about 6 other guys there for beers at 7pm, so we had perfectly positioned ourselves there for dinner at 6pm.  Here are a few pictures I took in the restaurant and on the walk back to the car:

The rear entrance for The Ale House

Saturday was an AWESOME day.  It started with turkey-mashed potato-gravy-cranberry sandwiches on croissants.  Then Georgia and I left for a noon pedicure (with a quick Starbucks run) at which we just relaxed and chatted, kid-free.  It was so, so long overdue!  We then shopped for shoes so we wouldn’t mess up our fancy toes:

Matching polish, and matching shoes we bought (which we picked out independently of each other – we also have matching Tarte lipsticks in the same color which we bought while separated by a continent and an ocean)

We browsed the stores a bit longer (with another stop at Starbucks for lunch) and both ended up with a single sale item from Gap for one of our kids and – surprise – matching shirts from Old Navy. We are so cheesy awesome!  We rushed home to ready the children/house/husbands for date night, briefed the babysitter, and then made our escape in their minivan because we are just that cool.  First stop was an incredible Mediterranean place in North Andover called Yella.  I certainly regret not having photographed our delectable food, but really, it all went so fast that I wouldn’t have gotten to taste any of it had I paused to ponder and record the event.  IT WAS DELICIOUS – every appetizer, each entree (because, of course, I tried them all.)  I cannot praise the place highly enough.  The red wine was great, too – the best I’ve had in some time – and we left cheerful and well-fed.  I can’t remember the names of all the things we had, but I can tell you about some of them.  There was, of course, hummus, bubba ganoosh (that’s my phonetical spelling so you can figure out what I’m trying to say), meat pies, and grape leaves with stuff in them.  My meal was salad with a seared salmon on top, John’s was pasta with artichoke hearts and shrimp (which we all decreed the best meal on the table), Georgia’s was…scallops, and Ryan’s was something equally delicious.  Lamb maybe?  Either way, the strawberry/chocolate/hazelnut crepes with pistachio ice cream topped it off wonderfully, paired with superb dessert wines and complemented by my baklava and Ryan’s pot o’ chocolate (there was a fancy name for it, but it was basically dark chocolate mousse.)  We finished up the night with coffees and teas at a Starbucks, where we continued to prove how much fun we are by sitting around on four iphones taking pictures of each other taking pictures (and playing words with friends, showing one another random videos, and tagging each other on facebook multiple times in pictures and such.)

Georgia took this one of Ryan taking a picture of me (which you can see on his phone in the picture) of the stack of cups topped with some stirrers John and Georgia managed to attach to one another

I set these cups up purposefully to get the bunny on the window and the three pictures on the cups, along with John in my union jack scarf. I am so artistic, am I not??

John getting in on the picture-taking party

Being silly with Georgia

Do you like Mediterranean Food? What is your favorite dish?

When was the last time you went on a DOUBLE DATE for double the fun?

Do you have your tree up yet?

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