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Loved this post on Les Miserables! I ESPECIALLY love that this new movie has enabled millions to experience something similar to the Broadway musical experience that has had so many humming its tunes since the eighties. Also, his particular treatment of Javert was right on in my book — imagine yourself, or your typical Hollywood star singing these lines, and you must acknowledge that he had a difficult task. Also, I read a review saying he sang his songs too high (or maybe attempted them too high) — that’s where the music was written, and he was singing properly in that range. Either way – read the review. Tell me if you agree –

Pensees II

UnknownA lot of discussion about Les Misérables has been had.

I’ll join with some scattered thoughts under the following categories:

  1. Musicality
  2. Vulgarity
  3. Spirituality


Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and everyone has a reason for why their opinion is credible (whether it makes sense or not). I’m no different. I think I know a thing or two about music having had some formal training in music. Thus, I think my opinion about the vocals and musicality has some credibility (with me anyway).

First of all, it’s hard to do a disservice to the music. The literature itself, musically and lyrically, is tested by time and will be sung for years to come. But it was the musical experience that was totally different. Many of us have heard the best singers in the world sing the music on the world’s largest stages. Or we have heard recordings of the same…

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