Finishing up for a while: the Potter Party, and a blog

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The final installment about our Harry Potter Party, and then I will be taking a break from blogging.  Perhaps I will hop on here now and again, but for some reason the urge to pontificate has deserted me of late.  I seem to have run out of time, run out of words, run out of energy, and run out of interesting observations.  I began blogging when I was spending large portions of each day resting on the couch towards the end of my previous pregnancy, and I feel like I’d rather rest with my eyes closed if I’m actually sitting still nowadays.  I am trying to get to bed earlier at night, and we are just running around having lots of fun lately – too much fun to sit still long enough to write about it. 🙂  I may do the occasional race report, trip report, or recipe posting, but I seriously doubt it.  So…until I run out of energy and again am magnetically attracted to my sofa for hours on end, I bid you adieu (but not before I finish filling you in on our scrumptious Butterbeer!)

In case you missed them, check out part one, which was about our preparations and decor, and part two, which went over the Scavenger Hunt in excruciating detail. 🙂  Today, I’m just going to show you a few pictures of the treats we had for the party (the actual sustenance – Honey BBQ wings from the freezer – was really undeserving of comment but sort of fit the theme of  “foods eaten at Hogwart’s.”)



First off, we made cake pops which represented the “golden snitch” from J.K. Rowling’s stories: that thing they’re always chasing in Quidditch matches.  I used the idea from a blog, minus the “wings,” as well as other cool stuff from around the web (who knew they made edible gold sparkly spray paint?)  When it came down to it, though, these were just too sickeningly sweet for consumption.  The children each only ate about half a cake pop because they were that sweet.  (I tasted them to make sure they weren’t actually just gross, but no, they were, in fact, edible, just disgustingly sweet.)
Butterbeer :)

Butterbeer 🙂

Our other “Harry Potter” treat was Butterbeer, the recipe for which was on the same aforementioned blog, although there are all sorts of Butterbeer recipes floating around the interwebs.  Our soup tureen doubled as a perfect cauldron, so we concocted the Butterbeer as a part of “Potions Class” and enjoyed watching it fizz.  Drinking it wasn’t so bad, either. 🙂
scooping ice cream into the "potion" to make Butterbeer

scooping ice cream into the “potion” to make Butterbeer

The kids LOVED making the "potion"

The kids LOVED making the “potion”

Finally, it wouldn’t be Hogsmeade without Honeydukes’s Candy Shoppe!!  Here’s our version:
photo-47 photo-48 photo-49
photo-50 photo-51 photo-52
We allowed each kid to fill a goodie bag with treats ranging from “jelly slugs” to “cockroach clusters.”   My version of the clusters was simply “haystacks” (chow mein noodles, melted butterscotch chips, peanuts) with a bit of added melted chocolate.  We also made homemade “fudge flies” with a bit of melted chocolate chips and rice crispies.  Needless to say, this went over really well with all the kids.  Sufficiently hyped up from  sugar, we sent home the cousins and chilled out the rest of the night.
So much has gone on since the party – and right before….oh my goodness, my head spins to remember the month of May! And that’s without older children graduating and having end-of-the-year performances and such – we actually didn’t have any extracurricular activities at all!  But I can sort of recall….a visit from Aunt Alisa, a trip to Virginia for a wedding, a visit from Grandma Rickwalt (and this Harry Potter party), a visit from friends we haven’t seen in five years, other friends down from Rhode Island staying with us for a week – and then all the running about and cooking and cleaning which caused so much fun during all these busy times…and Sunday meals still with new friends, others coming over for lunches, dinners, playtimes; the bagpiping, the running, and BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THIS, plenty of time spent resting on the couch (or in bed!) when necessary while the kids scampered about making new messes.  I feel ready to just check out from the blog-o-sphere to enjoy our even more busy summer!  And, by the way, if you have a hankering for a movie — go see Now You See Me  which opened this past weekend.  Speaking of which – now you see me…and now you don’t!  Have a great summer!

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