Another way to Relax – while Relating to those enjoying their pints and their Celtic music!

Who am I, and why am I starting a blog? I am just another person hoping to say a few things that will encourage, uplift, and inspire others.  I searched the blogosphere for thoughts from similar people…but often I want to express opinions that I can’t find on others’ blogs.  Sure, I could post comments and such, but I decided that if I was looking for posts from someone more like me, then maybe other people were, too!  Things about me that may be similar to you and could draw you to check out my ramblings some time, and to maybe encourage me through your comments or be encouraged by mine: I am a Navy wife. I have 6 children. I run….and run, and run….because I love it. I homeschool. I love to make music – on the piano, the flute, the Irish whistle, and most especially on the bagpipes. I worship Christ Jesus as a conservative Presbyterian. I am a health nut who grinds and soaks and ferments and makes pretty much of our food from scratch. I enjoy chocolate in all its forms. I generally like food and could be called a “foodie.”  I love my God. I love my husband. I love my kids. I love my parents. I love my country. I love my Alma Mater (Go USNA Class of 1998!)

What's Your Take?

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