Running While Pregnant

By all means, I am no expert on this topic, only having run to 16 weeks with baby number 5, and never being a runner before that.  This time, though, with baby number 6, I’m 35 weeks along at the time of making this page and still running.  Many others have documented their running experiences during pregnancy which has helped me immensely (,,, , , to name a few), and there are a few books out there as well.  But maybe, just maybe, something I have posted recently might be helpful to someone, so I’m making a page to link to my few posts about it.  Hope your pregnancy goes how you would like  🙂

Underarmour Goal – What’s Beautiful – video of pregnancy photos from 19-31 weeks

Baby and Me – Jumping Rope at 34 Weeks!

Saturday’s Run and Weekly recap (34 weeks)

When getting dressed to run takes as long as the run (35 weeks)

Saturday’s Run and Weekly recap: Maternity Support Belt and 4 miles (35 weeks)

Five miles (almost 36 weeks)

Negative Splits (36 weeks)

Running with detachable legs! (37 weeks)

Speaking of Exertion….(37 1/2 weeks)

Action Shots!  Running at almost 38 weeks

Baby is dropping (38 weeks)

Having help at home to get to still run!! (38 1/2 weeks)

A not-so-nice run (39 weeks)

Still running?!?! (39 weeks, 6 days!)

Tummy shots in my running clothes – 22 weeks through 40 weeks

Running to induce labor (40 weeks, 3 days!)

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