Tuesday’s Run and Trip Report – Nice and Menton, France


Been a busy day around our house, so it’s 9:30pm now, and I’m just sitting down to write this post! (only 4:30pm on the East Coast, though, so hopefully you haven’t missed it yet! 🙂 )  I started out with a 3.2 mile run in the nice, bright, beautiful sun – very slow at 12 minute pace exactly, but just what I needed.  When I came home the babysitter had to take off right away, so on her way out the door she snapped this picture for me  🙂

Looking and feeling every one of those 36 1/2 weeks! (Check out those chubby cheeks – and I don’t just mean on baby Greer!)

I’m not going to post a recipe today because I’m saving what I made for the freezer (and for our dinner tonight) for my post tomorrow.  This is because tomorrow I’m going away for the day for something exciting (hint: horses, the Queen, and a hat), but I want to save that post for next Tuesday’s Trip Report, so I’ll post my yummy soup tomorrow night when I get back 🙂

For now I wanted to put up a lot more of the pictures of all the neat scenes from Nice and Menton with the Reading Scottish.  I will throw in a few of the pipers for good measure, but it’s mostly going to be pictures of the other performers at Carnival with minimal interruption from me.  Hope you enjoy them!



Not quite sure what these guys were supposed to be — just some wacky dancers?














Beautiful ladies riding horses – and yes, they had someone picking up the poop so we didn’t have to march in it 🙂








Here’s when the Drum Major and the Caveman switched weapons – mace for club!




For some reason there were lots of guys there in drag, and they all wanted pictures with the bagpipers. (?)



Here’s my friend Karen posing with one of the float people – they wore these on top and sort of wobbled along the route.  We were right behind a display of multiple floats in honor of the United Kingdom, these soldiers being among them.

A good picture of the piazza buildings behind us.

This one is so you can see the float behind us — a giant caveman holding two women dangling in the air, by their hair.  Not sure of the significance of this float, but it’s where that earlier caveman was hanging out 🙂


Our Drum Major getting some poor innocent child back for silly spraying him.




I just like this picture of a spot where the crowds had cleared a bit 🙂



Kate and William were on the back half of the float (not the real people of course)

Another float that people were walking inside during the parade.

The next day we finished up with our fourth parade of the weekend at the Citrus Festival in Menton, France.  Floats were made entirely of oranges and lemons!







These feathery girls were wearing CRAZY high heels – and marching 3 miles in them. Crazy I tell you.



There was a large static display of fruity things as well –

I didn’t take my nice camera to Nice with me because we were really limited with space and obviously had a lot to pack in the way of our pipes and uniform items, so I stole all these pictures from my friend Karen.  A lot of the ones during the parades were taken by our “handlers,” who were kind enough to spend most of the parades snapping pictures for us 🙂  I can’t say much about Menton, because I basically only saw two streets in the town, but I LOVED Nice and would go back in a heartbeat.  Gorgeous place with Old World charm 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Run and Trip Report – Nice and Menton, France

  1. Looks like a photo-rich situation. I would have been giddy with the photo ops. You’re having such great experiences and making such great memories with the kiddos.

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