Tuesday Trip Report – A Pleasant Day at Fort Sumter


Our group before getting on the ferry to Fort Sumter

Okay, really, it was a HOT day at Fort Sumter, but we took the ferry out there from MOUNT PLEASANT, and I’m cheesy enough to stick that in the title 😉  We also toured around Mt Pleasant a bit since John and I used to live there…but I am getting ahead of myself.  For the first time in a while there’s nothing going on, and it’s Tuesday, and we took a trip this weekend from which I have tons of pictures!  I just finished Daniel’s last feeding on Monday night, and since I only have 15 minutes left in the episode of Glee I was watching on the internet while I fed him, I decided to enjoy Glee in the quiet of the house while describing our visit to Mount Pleasant and Fort Sumter on Saturday!  My parents had this one weekend here after dropping off our VW Golf before they flew back to Texas Monday morning.  My dad came up with the great idea to visit this landmark that we somehow missed during our last sojourn in South Carolina, and having their help with all the children was an awesome idea because we had lines to wait in, a ferry to ride, and a hot sun to combat.  After my twelve mile run Saturday morning, we had delicious breakfast burritos using the leftover taco meat, beans, and cilantro from our tacos the other night, along with 14 eggs.  I’m sure we used a few more eggs because my parents were here, but I think we have officially crossed over to the “dozen eggs at a sitting” family.  We also use a whole block of cheese if we’re having cheese and crackers, a whole loaf of bread when sandwiches are on the menu, and a whole bag of grapes at snack time.  Just a few more years before it’s double that I’m sure, but at least I have four girls and two boys right now instead of the other way around, or we might already be eating that much!

Now it’s Tuesday night, and I am finally sitting back down to post all these cute pictures.  We accomplished a lot today around here – four loads of laundry, finally finished unpacking and organizing all the clothes and suitcases in my room, unloaded and loaded dishes, then unloaded again before dinner, made eggs with leftover sausage and potatoes for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and honey baked chicken for dinner, ran four miles (8 was on the schedule and would have have worked out, but my calf muscle started bugging me after a mile), and made a quick Exchange/Commissary run while dinner cooked for tennis balls (to roll around on my calf muscle in the absence of foam rollers) and a few grocery items for the rest of the week.  Probably the most productive I’ve been in months!! It was nice that I had Patience and the girls helping switch the laundry and Gabriel to load dishes after I rinsed them, plus Daniel pooped in the potty a few times, and that always cheers me up 🙂  Oh and did I mention he slept til 7:38am? Yippee!!  Okay, so back to the trip report…

We left for Fort Sumter on a ferry from Patriot’s Point Maritime Museum in Mount Pleasant, across the Cooper River Bridge from Charleston.

The Cooper River Bridge, newly built since our last time in Charleston, viewing it from the ferry boat before departing for Ft. Sumter

The USS Yorktown in a museum now and is moored at Patriot’s Point.

Greer, riding in style.

USS Yorktown

Lots of watersports going on around us…

Reading some of the signs describing the harbor and the attacks

My little swamp angel

The flag which flew April 12-13 when Ft. Sumter was bombarded – it was taken to New York City where the Union soldiers who left Ft. Sumter were given a hero’s welcome.

The following picture is the description from the sign.

Stuffing Raisinets into her mouth on the ferry ride back

Too much cuteness for one picture…

Daniel looking cute with John 🙂

Here he’s saying, “Hey – wassup?”

We had tickets to see Patriot’s Point as well, but by the time we had finished wandering Fort Sumter in the hot sun, we were all ready for some food.  We will just use those tickets the next time they visit 🙂  We did a quick driving tour of Mount Pleasant to show the kids (and to document it at all, since I can’t find a single picture of our time in Charleston) where we had lived and whatnot.  We’ll do another day trip over there I’m sure (it’s only 20 minutes away) when I can take pictures of our favorite haunts as well, but for now it’s just some neat local scenery, and a bad shot of our apartment balcony 🙂  We lived here from January 2001 until some time that summer while we both went to the Naval Nuclear Power School (that’s where John is working now.)

Our apartment at “Long Grove at Seaside Farms,” a fairly posh place 🙂

Images captured while driving from the apartment over to the Isle of Palms (our place was on the Isle of Palms Connector.)

We ended up at Shem Creek Bar and Grill, and I went out back to snap a few…

The waterside bar and crabshack

The dock from a house across the way

A cow-shark? maybe?

Yes, the crabcakes were THAT good, as were the hushpuppies, the filet, the salmon, the wedge salad….

That about wraps it up.  We had an early night since it was Saturday and we needed to rest up for church.  If you’re ever in Mount Pleasant, I have to highly recommend that you drop in to Shem’s 🙂








2 thoughts on “Tuesday Trip Report – A Pleasant Day at Fort Sumter

  1. My dad was a plank owner on the USS Yorktown. He even appeared briefly in the documentary, “The Fighting Lady.”
    Linda W., Norfolk, VA

    • That’s so neat! We didn’t have time to tour the ship on Saturday because we were all exhausted, but we already have the tickets togo back, so it is on our list! They also have a Homeschool day there that we are signing up for with our two oldest children (9 and 7) that has some hands on activities and such and tours the ship as well, so I think the kids will really like that. I was stationed onboard two aircraft carriers myself, so the lure of the ship itself is not that great to me (you’ve seen one carrier, you’ve seen ’em all), but I do hear there are several museums on board as well, like the Medal of Honor Museum, that I am excited to see.

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